The engine tamers

I am referring, obviously, to Lewis Hamilton and Marc Márquez. Two drivers who have taken an advantage that will hardly lose from here to the end.

Formula 1 and MotoGP have shaken hands this weekend. The cars reached their summer break, while the bikes resumed activity after a break. The intermission of both calendars has been sealed by the victories of the two pilots who have dominated with authority the first half, and who have taken an advantage that they will hardly lose from here at the end. I am referring, obviously, to Lewis Hamilton and Marc Márquez. 222222 The alternation has been greater in MotoGP, but even so Márquez has won six of the ten grand prizes contested. His pilot to the limit, his masterly saves, his strategic vision ... Marc devours records and is on his way to setting an era, he is already marking it. And only an accident could deprive him of another title. 444444

F1 has shown another panorama, with the boring dictatorship of Mercedes in the first months. Only Bottas was able to disturb his partner, but with the passing of the races it has been seen that, equal to the car, the class of the driver is imposed. The scenario has changed in the most recent events thanks to the boiling state in which Max Verstappen has entered, that has won two of the last four great prizes and achieved a pole. Sunday's triumph was again for Hamilton, who adds eight of twelve, but had to squeeze the most to beat 'Mad Max' in extremis. The victories like this, with emotion and balance, leave a good aftertaste, even if the protagonist repeats, as we have seen several times with Márquez. It is when the pilot wins and not just the engine. 444444

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