The duties of Lorenzo and Honda for the Misano test

Finding greater confidence in the curve and braking entry are the two main points that the Mallorcan will work with the Japanese this Thursday and Friday.

Find greater security in cornering and braking. 222222 These are the two premises that Jorge Lorenzo will try to achieve with the Honda technicians in the Misano tests that are held this Thursday and Friday in the Emilia-Romagna region. 444444

Lorenzo, who returned to the 2019 MotoGP World Championship this past weekend in Great Britain after missing the evidence of Holland, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria for a fracture of the anterior part of the upper plate of the T6 vertebra and the T8 produced by the virulent fall in the Free 1 of Assen, he was quite excited in the Silverstone paddock for the celebration of these trainings, as he understands, the Japanese will try many new pieces with a view to 2020.

"In Misano, from what I understand, there are many things to try for next year, so I'm quite excited to know if we find anything that and give me more confidence, especially in braking, which is where I suffer most. Here, basically, we have been able to work the ergonomics, put it the best that we currently have on the motorcycle, the combination that gives me more comfort. In that sense we are fine, but, perhaps, we have to work hard, facing the future, in the curve entrance. There the motorcycle does not give me much security from the front, it is a bit stiff and I do not feel very much the front train. 2 Hopefully the studied work that Honda is doing to improve those areas will give result soon, "said the three-time MotoGP champion. Similarly, the Mallorcan confirmed that after these two days of testing in San Marino, you can begin to increase the intensity of training in order to recover the physical form he had before his last injury: "This type of injury, by what the pilots who have suffered from me have told me, they have not left sequels and are well, but you never know how this injury can evolve. Hopefully well and soon be one hundred percent. Before getting here, I could do more and more things in the gym and swim faster. But it has been very hard for the injury, 45 minutes of running. From here to the Misano test I will not be able to train very hard, because I will have to lower the inflammation of the lesion and there are few days left, but after the test, where I will do more kilometers and I will get more used to the MotoGP, then I will be able to force more my Daily training and injury, little by little, will give me less annoyance to do my normal training. "

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