The 'Panda': chronicle of a sale announced from its signing

Espanyol invested ten million convinced that 20 would enter in one or two years. There have been more, 28, in the highest sale of parakeet history.

The "Borja, stay" was sung until in Iceland, two weeks ago, after which it would be his last goal as parakeet striker. In Europe, where he had contributed to reach with his 17 goals from the last League (and three others in the Copa del Rey) . But it was much longer than 15 days that the future of Borja Iglesias was written. Even before his agreement with Betis. Surely, from the moment of his signing for Espanyol.

“Borja Iglesias, the paradigm of the new philosophy of Espanyol” , he titled AS on July 10, 2018, just after his first training. "Technicians are convinced that in one or two seasons will have doubled its market value, and that economically strong clubs, such as those in the Premier League, will be willing to pay at least 20 million for it." The plan has not only worked, but above the forecasts, to make it the highest sale in history blanquiazul.

That your agent refused to fix a clause greater than 28 million (in fact, he wanted to place it under 20 ) also gave some clues to his future nomad. The insistence of Joan Francesc Ferrer 'Rubi', after first tracing the road to Betis, did the rest.

Carismatic, natural, close, idol of some boys and girls who should relocate their stuffed panda on the shelf, with Borja A 'pichichi' and a normal footballer leave22, , who became so rigid, elegantly and knowing how to be, according to the same canons as any professional.

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