Stjörnuvöllur, procedure for Espanyol or historical enclosure

Espanyol will enforce except 4-0 debacle of the first leg against Stjarnan, which is the first official trip to Europe since the end of Glasgow in 2007.

There are stigmas that accompany you all your life. That of Espanyol is suffered in the first person one of the only two fans who accompanied the expedition yesterday in the Boeing 737-500 from Barcelona to Reykjavik. Josep Maria Piera was the youngest manager of the club when, in 1988, the parrots discarded 3-0 in the UEFA Cup final, against Bayer Leverkusen. Today Piera will be at Stjörnuvöllur, on the return of this preview of the Europa League that the Blue and Whites (today green) on track in Cornellà with a win, 4-0, despite which they fear because of those ghosts of the past, which they are not more than that. 444444

Neither the artificial lawn of the Stjarnan, nor the 2.000 fans that will support the current Icelandic Cup champion in a stadium with official capacity for a thousand spectators, nor the reduced dimensions of the playing field, which favor the direct play of the premises and historically multiply their performance, must be pretext so that today's game, which will run entirely by day by the time difference (two hours less in Iceland compared to Barcelona) and by the midnight sun cramps, is complicated, at least the tie .

You can enter Gall ego, in the first official departure from Espanyol to Europe after the Glasgow final-07 (and with Rufete in the expedition), some retouching regarding the first leg, such as Marc Roca or Wu Lei, but it paints that the skeleton of the team it will be that of Cornellà, where Ferreyra and Borja Iglesias shared goals to peers. Today they hope to take advantage of the fact that the Stjarnan should open more for obvious reasons. Once the ice is broken, Espanyol wants Iceland to follow the volcanic European festival, without stigmas of the past.


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