Sosa conquers the White Picon

The Colombian of Ineos, winner of the general in 2018, hit first on the demanding climb. Óscar Rodríguez entered second and Antonio Pedrero, third.

Iván Sosa arrived at the Tour of Burgos with clear ideas: "I would love to defend the title won in 2018" . The Colombian of the Ineos, of 21 years, took advantage of the first day of mountain to demonstrate his strength. An accurate attack a little over two kilometers to crown the White Picon served to add the summit to his record . The previous edition took her thanks to her victory in the Lagoons of Neila: “I felt phenomenal, I already knew the climb and everything went perfect. The team worked magnificently. ” The control of the Ineos and the head wind prevented a more colorful ascent. Óscar Rodríguez entered second, at 17 seconds, and Antonio Pedrero, third, at 24.

The number one number, which achieved his second victory of the season (after a partial on the Occitan Route), succeeded his compatriot Superman López in the Picón . Mikel Landa inaugurated in 2017 this port recommended by Íñigo Cuesta, a former natural professional from neighboring Villarcayo. The Tour of Spain plans to include it in the not too distant future in its route. And in his set-up for the national round that will begin on August 24, David de la Cruz finished fourth, 30 seconds, and Richard Carapaz, sixth, at 37. The winner of the past Giro gradually takes a good pace Competition 444444

Angel Madrazo (Burgos-BH), Juan Camacho (Kometa), Lucas de Rossi (Delko), Matthias Brändle (Israel), Arnaud Courteille (Vital Concept) and Simon Pellaud (IAM Excelsior) integrated the escape of the day. Madrazo and Pellaud, last survivors, were trapped seven kilometers from the top. On Movistar and Ineos took the reins of the platoon in the approach to Picón Blanco for the main favorites: Carapaz and Sosa. As expected, Giacomo Nizzolo, sprinter, lost the lead. The Italian will have on Friday a new opportunity in the goal of Clunia.


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