Sixty Euro passes for the Europa League in Getafe

The price, exclusive for Getafe subscribers, includes the three parties of the group stage. There will be some changes in the stadium capacity.

After a few months of study, Getafe has made the price official to watch the Europa League this season. There will be a bonus of sixty euros that can be purchased by all League subscribers. The price is unique, regardless of the area of the stadium that is occupied. The fundamental problem is that, due to UEFA's demands, a good part of the blue fans will have to change their location. These are mostly those that occupy the Coliseum's covered tribune, the most expensive area.


These tickets can only be purchased next week and members who have to change their seat will have the right to choose within availability. The draw is this Friday, so the Azulones subscribers will know what to expect. The club has not specified what will happen if the Bordalás team moves forward in the competition The Congolese did not count for Bordalás and had played the first day with the subsidiary of Segunda B. Repeat transfer after going through Mallorca and Barcelona B. When the loan is over, the midfielder will still have a contract season with Getafe.


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