Sergio: "We face the Wanda game with work and humility"

The gunsmith midfielder has been critical of some aspects of the team, but ensures that they are already working to repair them.

Sergio Álvarez, midfielder of the SD Eibar has appeared this morning in Atxabalpe to take stock of the first two days of the league, in which he has started and comment on the perspective of the Wanda Metropolitano this weekend. For the player, this week's training sessions should be useful so that "we can see the hallmarks that characterize this Eibar de Mendilibar" .

The team's weaknesses at this start of the season are clear in the locker room: " we are not in the opposite field all that we should. One of our hallmarks is to steal very high in the opposite field, win many second plays in the opposite field and spend most of the match in the rival field "he has confessed. However, he says, they have no intention of lowering their arms: " We have to improve that, adjust those things. We will again be a hard and difficult team to beat."

Six have been the signings made by Eibar this summer, of which most are having to adapt for the first time to the Mendilibar style: "Those who have spent more time in the team have to try to get those who come new as quickly as possible to the dynamics of the team and help, because the twenty-five that we are in staff we are very necessary to achieve the goal at the end of the season, "he said. 444444

Before Atlético de Madrid, he admitted," We have a very difficult game and we face it with humility and eager to get something positive. " "Atletico Madrid has made a very good squad, it has physical, quality and great players. Last year we got a good result in Wanda and we made things very difficult at home. This year we go with the same enthusiasm and the same wanting to get a positive result, being aware that it will be a very difficult game "has also added. 444444

The importance that will have the effectiveness in front of goal has been another of the key points that the Spaniard wanted to bring out, since as he has pointed out: "When you face teams of that level it is very difficult to keep the goal to zero. You have to be firm in defense, but also go steadfast for some goal because they will surely get you a goal in some action."

On his new central position, in which Mendilibar aligned him in the final leg of last season and last Sunday's game against Osasuna, he has stressed that "I am adapting to a position that was unknown to me. It has helped me to improve some characteristics that I had not promoted. Everything that serves as learning and that can help the team to compete, welcome be ".

Ultimately, the midfielder will seek to remain in the initial eleven of the team based on effort and work, and as he says:" I started the preseason with great strength and enthusiasm, worked hard with the team. Last year's experience has helped me to grow both football and personally. I have adapted to the special characteristics of this equipment. I am happy and eager "has concluded. 444444

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