Rubi Project: deficiencies only six days after the start of the league

Betis still has no punch or defensive reliability. He signed a gray balance of seven goals in eight summer games.

The preseason does not leave the best possible feelings in Heliopolis after eight games that left more deficiencies than virtues in the Rubi team. The coach faces the six days before the league premiere with the certainty of needing a lot of room for improvement if he intends to sign a good start of the course and looking sideways at the market: he expects Borja Iglesias as the piece that can save that worrisome lack of punch in his attack. 444444

The symptoms of the Betis preseason are too similar to the causes that left him outside Europe a few months ago. He signed only seven goals in his eight friendly duels and that lack of effectiveness can be decisive at the start of the campaign. The Verdiblanco team continues to risk with good percentages of possession and an attempt at verticality that, for now, is not paying off. The defensive fragility, moreover, is present with more force than a year ago under the new panorama of a four behind. He conceded six goals in these pre-season duels and Joel Robles was the main savior who prevented a major disaster. Neither Loren, nor Juanmi nor the youth player Raúl solve a deficit that can recondition all the planning of the course. The Verdiblanca directive insisted that the solutions will arrive on time. In six days, Valladolid wants to test the poor reliability of this new Betis de Rubi.


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