Rossi: "Dovi's past has reminded Lorenzo of mine"

"He is a champion. One who has won more than ten races in MotoGP already is, although he lacks the World Cup," says Yamaha.

Valentino Rossi finished his fourth place in the Austrian GP of MotoGP and spared no praise for Andrea Dovizioso for his brilliant victory, with Marc Márquez passing in the last corner of the last lap.

4333333- Valuation? In the end, it has been a good weekend. Here we suffer a lot in recent years but this year, from the beginning in FP1, we saw something good to improve our settings and the sensations with the tires. I was able to make a very good start, doing fast laps. I got stuck and in the end, the difference especially with Dovi and Marc, but also with Quartararo, was already insurmountable. But it is a positive result, I was able to defend myself from Viñales when he approached and the room is not so bad. soft. Today we also had good conditions for the soft, because it was colder than in the previous days, but I suffered a lot with that rubber in training.

-What has been the most important change in the last races?

-Good , we are very happy because it seems that we started much better this second part of the season. Since the first training we had a very good race pace, it seems that something has moved in Yamaha on the right path to improve the bike. When we arrived on Friday we made changes in electronics, we gained in acceleration and we could be more competitive. That is the most important change, although yes, we still have a lot of work to do because especially Dovi and Marc have improved a lot and are faster than us, but it is a good start. 444444

-Has Q2 penalized you in the race?

-For me the problem is that I have left far behind, I should have left sixth or maximum seventh, but instead I left tenth. That in the first laps of the race complicates everything, although I have seen that after Quartararo was seven or eight tenth ahead. Today it was a little faster since it seemed that I had some more grip and has gone out with the soft one, while I with the soft one was not going so well. I think the choice we made was the right one and I think you have to congratulate him because he has made a good career. Viñales and Rins were close behind, but we have not made any mistakes and we have been able to keep the distance so I think it has been a good race in general given the circumstances.


-Have you seen the last corner between Dovizioso and Márquez?

-I have seen it for a moment and it has seemed a great battle, in which many laps have passed, and Dovizioso has been very brave to pass it in the last corner and endure to win, so congratulations.


The overtaking has reminded you a little of what you did in 2009 to Lorenzo in Montmeló?

-Yes, I thought it was so, but I liked the one in Barcelona more. (Laughs) It has been a good overtaking. 444444

-Dovizioso is a great driver or a champion?

-For me he is a champion. A rider who has won more than ten races in MotoGP already is, although he lacks the MotoGP World Championship. With so many years as he has been fighting with Márquez ... And although he is older, he still has time to win the World Cup.


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