Roig: "Ontiveros is the only movement left"

"We were interested, but we are going with what we have ahead and if it arrives well and if it does not arrive too," says the president of Villarreal.

How do you rate the topic Ontiveros: "I don't know how the situation is now, but it would be the last incorporation if it really occurs. If not, those of us who are fine to start in three days against Granada" .

Sheikh declarations: "Everyone will know its circumstances, I do not know them in depth and the president or the people in charge of Malaga will have their motives. We were interested, but we go with what we have ahead and if it arrives well and if it does not arrive too. If it does not arrive it will remain some of those they can leave ".

How do you see the option Ontiveros:" Everyone defends a position. If we reach an agreement well, and if not also ".

There will be no more reinforcements:" It does not obsess me, we have a good template. defense part with many additions. We are looking forward, we have to prove it, but we have a good squad and a good team ".

111 1111What he asks the year: "I ask for health, that they respect the injuries and the work we have to put it among all. We have already done it, the fans will turn over and we have to put work, work and work ".

Objective:" Our first objective should be to be next year first, we never give up anything and if we can fight for reaching European places, but being first is our obligation ".

Bruno:" It's much better, the operation has gone very well, we must be cautious, but in a month and a half we will know better how things are going. We are optimistic

Template: "It is finished, there may be some way out or some final touch-up, but we have the template done" .

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