Rober Ibáñez arrives to stay

The Valencian end has been presented, for the third time, as a new Osasuna player. On the other two occasions he had arrived as a loan.

Braulio, sports director of Osasuna, was not right, when at the beginning of the presentation of Rober Ibáñez he joked that it seemed 'The Groundhog Day' And it is that the Valencian end, who last two seasons already played at Osasuna in January June, has been presented this morning, as a reddish player, for the third time.


The difference is that on this occasion, since has signed a contract that links him to the Pamplona team until 2023. Osasuna has paid the Getafe million euros for his transfer and in a future sale, the Madrid club would receive fifty percent of the benefits.

The Valencian lived unforgettable moments last season was happy with his return to Pamplona, which has not been easy: "Summer has been very hard because I had things right from the beginning and wanted to come here . In Getafe they had me, but I was honest with him Mr. and I told him that he wanted to come to Osasuna. It got a little long, but I got what I wanted. "And as he admitted:" I've always felt very valued by the club. "

The fact of belonging to Osasuna and not arriving on this occasion as a loan, supposes a plus for the end: "I wanted to come to Osasuna on property. The assignments were good, but I wanted to be in this club for more years and I got ". Rober is aware that this year, earning a place in eleven will be much more complicated:" It is clear that there will be competition, so it will be necessary to heal to make it difficult for the coach. "

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