Red Bull has invested € 0.75M in Verstappen and 9.35 in Sainz

The Dutchman is the pilot, of the Young Drivers Academy, in whom less money has used the 'energy' team of the total € 190m.

For 20 years, Red Bull decided to look for future investments from the base with which to achieve great successes in Formula 1. In 2001 created a training program in 2001 1122112 with which to support possible stars of the Grand Circus and if anything He has characterized that program, in addition to giving opportunities, it has been for to cut wings when one of the two members has not fulfilled his part: one put the money and another win. And Red Bull always fulfills his own.

La ' Young Drivers Academy' is the first step of a deal where only the results make Red Bull continue to maintain its confidence. 2 The academy of the energy structure is still a business and as such, numbers are essential to continue conserving a product that, since this project began, has only achieved a 17% full success in its bets. That is to say, only 17% of its pilots have sat at the controls of a Formula 1, either in Red Bull or in Toro Rosso.


Until now the bet for Sebastian Vettel has been the most successful as well as long-term . The German was part of the inferior projects of Milton Keynes for six years, to become the only pilot who has made them champions within the 'Great Circus'. 2 The investment they made together with the four-time champion during that period of time reached the 4.8 M € within a deal in which, although it is a world depending on the pilot, Red Bull will always be responsible for all costs (almost millionaires) that involves trying to become part of Formula 1. And once there they will recover the expenses by adjusting the salary.

To date, the investment made by the energy drinks company exceeds € 190 M, according to a study of 'Business Sport', and Max Verstappen has become his most profitable bet, in a play that can get even better. The Dutchman, called to be his next champion, joined the ranks of Red Bull in 2014 and tan only accounted for one year of expenses until becoming part of the Formula 1 grid next to Toro Rosso, coinciding with the premiere of Carlos Sainz, the other side of the coin in the program. The Spaniard is the pilot in whom Milton Keynes has invested the most, with a total value of 9.35 M € . He left on a loan to Renault, which in the case of Ricciardo had to disburse some training rights for that Red Bull also benefits and that Ferrari paid in the case of Vettel.


But returning to Spanish, which has become one of the last jewels that have been formed in the Red Bull quarry, Sainz brought with its march extreme solutions as the entrance to the 'Grand Circus' of pilots like Pierre Gasly. 2 The Frenchman was well promoted but now he is paying the price of a deal that is as fast as he gives you wings, he also cuts them. 2 In Milton Keynes there is no second chance to make a good impression and this is already known by the more than eighty pilots who have passed through his academy. We will have to see how much Albon needs to continue with the 'energetic' or to meet the fiercest face of a factory designed to create and polish talent.

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