Raúl enjoyed Kubo and Rodrygo scored a goal

They played 70 minutes in their premiere with Castilla in a convincing 3-0 at Alcorcón de Segunda. The Brazilian stole a ball and scored 1-0. Florentino, in the box.

While Hazard became Hazard again in Austria, Rodrygo remained Rodrygo although he had to change Real Madrid for Castilla. The Brazilian and Kubo premiered with the white subsidiary leading Raúl's new project in a more than convincing 3-0 to Alcorcón, of Segunda. Rodrygo, excelling with an elite soccer player action in which stole the wallet from a potter defender, continued the action and riveted the assistance of the youth striker Pablo.

Rodrygo debuted as a castillist, things of destiny, with 7 behind . In the band, Raul. 2 A cabal that had to work. And that the new castillist technician came invoking the only training left to the Brazilian and Kubo. He had an aside with them and rehearsed offensive movements. From teacher to new pupils. 222222

Without being the best game of the summer for both of them, and more with what they left behind during the first team tour of the United States, both already know that they have to apply the doctrine Vinicius. 222222 , tighten the males and squeeze their matches with Castilla waiting for a call from Zidane. That they are players with a special status was evident from the box of authorities. Florentino Pérez, who did not travel to the Salzburg party, did not want to lose the two 18-year sensations of the white preseason. 222222

44 A qualitative leap for Castilla

The two of them have a good-looking Castile with their superior quality. In the fifth friendly of the summer, and with the jump that gave him his two new weapons, Raúl began to capture more constantly what he intends to extract from his team. The Alcorcón was never comfortable in Valdebebas. Between Bravo, Fidalgo and Baeza, a ten excellent, took the helm and could not oppose the whole of Fran Fernández, a habitual bone in the silver category. The Cordoba Baeza and Pedro, the spiky killer (1.97 meters) who was a substitute against the yellow rival, completed the relief marker.


Castilla still has 17 more days of preparation, in theory with the help of Rodrygo and Kubo, with tres more friendly against Tenerife (this Saturday), Cultural (day 14) and Burgos (18) .

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