"That question is stupid."

The Vettel-Leclerc fight was on the podium and nothing more, the leader is still 'Seb'. Binotto speaks openly of their mistakes.

The duel of the Ferrari drivers is contained, seems an unwritten agreement that Leclerc will have gallons of leader in the future, but that Vettel's priority must admit in the present. In Hungaroring, the strategy benefited the German with a late stop and soft tires at the end of the race. He advanced to Charles and there was a fight between them, although within the limits that prevail between teammates. In a later meeting with the media, he wondered if it was a fight for the podium or something else, and he didn't like 'Seb'.

"It's a bit stupid question, really. We were third and fourth and we had a battle on the track, yes. But nothing more, "replied the four-time champion, who added the sixth podium of the season. Leclerc seconded: "On the podium, that's all." Because it was a very difficult race for the two SF90 drivers, to a world of Hamilton and Verstappen and the last not to be folded. However, the maximum tension between the first two did not influence the advantage was so extraordinary. "They were going to the maximum and we too, I don't think they took a second more lap because they were having fun," said Vettel.


The German gets "one five" in his midseason. "I must be critical of myself, here I have not done the best job possible. There are ups and downs, in some races we are better and in others worse, perhaps the last two were somewhat better for me when in other races at the beginning I suffered more. It is evident that we are not where we want to be, neither in the points table nor in the Hungarian race We want to correct those things and work very hard, I do not doubt the commitment of the people and I think the key is to fulfill the duties and try to cut so much as we can, "he explained. in Hockenheim. It’s important to get results from the race pace. When he’s made mistakes, as in Silverstone, it’s not the best, of course. But other than that I’m very happy with him because he has so much He has experience, knows how to manage tires and has done a great job in that regard. As for Charles, he is in his first year with Ferrari, with a lot of pressure, he has made some mistakes but he accepts them and learns from them so as not to repeat them. We are all happy with the progress you are making and with your work within the team ".

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