Pozzovivo: "I'll be back, my career can't end like this"

The Italian promised that, despite the serious injuries caused by the outrage, he will return to professional cycling. "You will see that I will achieve it," he said.

The Italian cyclist Domenico Pozzovivo (Bahrain-Merida), 36, promised on Wednesday that he will compete again, despite the serious outrage he suffered last Monday during a training that caused fractures in his arm and leg. This new intention changes his mind of the last hours, where he pointed out that "they had put an end to their career" .

"After the outrage I didn't even look at my wounds because I was afraid to see my conditions. The boy who hit me was hurt I said 'Look what you have done to me, you have finished my career! ", Said Pozzovivo at the" Annunziata "hospital in Cosenza (southern Italy), in statements published by" La Gazzetta dello Sport ".

" I do not know how I found the strength to reproach him, but I wanted him to realize it. It is not correct. But now I already think that my career cannot end in this way. I will return. You will see that I will achieve it ", he continued.

, climbing specialist and professional since 2005, was hit by a Fiat Grande Punto car at a crossroads on the outskirts of Cosenza, where he was preparing the next Tour of Spain, which will begin on August 24, 444444

"I have never lost consciousness, I remember every detail. I was very afraid. I saw the car in front of me, in the same part of the road. The boy who was driving did not see me, "said Pozzovivo, who was hit by a 19-year-old boy who had just taken his card.


" When I understood that the impact was inevitable, I only thought of not suffering blows to the head, "he added. the corridor, which was operated at night between Monday and Tuesday and that will need about two weeks before the fractured leg can be moved again. 222222

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