Pogba, on his departure from United: "The future will say ..."

The French attended RMC Sport after his outstanding performance with Manchester at the premiere of the Premier. His signing for Madrid, very complicated.

This Sunday has cleared the mystery of whether Pogba would be at United at the start of the Premier. 222222 Finally, he started and gave two assists with the Red Devils in 4-0 at Chelsea. After the meeting, Pogba broke his silence. I had not spoken since June. 2 "After this season and everything that has happened, being my best season too, I think it could be a good time to have a new challenge elsewhere. I'm thinking about that," he said then in Tokyo. 444444

This Sunday he once again expressed himself publicly, before RMC Sport in the mixed zone: "I am always fine when I play football. I do what I love, it is my job. 2 I will do my best every time I am on the field. Now , we know there were words (on his march). The future will say. We are still at this point of doubt. I am in Manchester, I have fun with my teammates, I always want to win, I will always give a lot when I am in the field ".

Pogba He saw on Thursday 8 how his aspirations to go to Madrid decreased drastically. 222222 He closed the market in England for incorporations (not so for sales) and is aware that United, who did not want to let him out , will be even firmer in that intention because he could not buy a substitute.


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