'Le Parisien': PSG agreement with Rakitic, but Dembélé doubts

The French media confirms that the Croatian has already said yes to the Parisian team, but Dembelé has not yet agreed to enter as a currency.

The "soap opera Neymar" continues to make turns in the last hours. According to the information of 'Le Parisien', the most reliable medium in terms of PSG information, the last offer of Barcelona is € 150 million and the exchange of Ousmane Dembelé in the form of assignment, and Ivan Rakitic in property. Although the Dembélé agent has confirmed that his player will remain 100% in Barcelona, the player has not yet pronounced, and that is because he continues to doubt if accepting to be a currency in the operation. He already signed the signing of the midfielder individually, before it was exchanged to reduce the signing of the Brazilian for Barça. 2 In fact, the PSG int It was incorporated last summer, but Rakitic did not accept


In Barcelona they estimate that with Rakitic, the transfer price of Neymar would reach € 200 million (initial 150 plus 50 in which the Croatian is valued). With the transfer of Dembélé, it could even reach 220 taking into account the French record. An amount that, despite everything, still does not convince the PSG. 2 According to 'Le Parisien', the Parisians refer to a single payment of € 170 million in which two players would be included as currency , complicated claims for Barcelona, which wants to make payment in installments, without reaching Parisian aspirations, in addition to including Dembelé and Rakitic. 444444

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