"With Neymar and Hazard, Madrid will win the Champions League"

Hagi, formerly of Madrid and Barça, in an interview with Super Deportivo Radio, talks about Messi, Cristiano, his contemporary era with Maradona, when he left football ...

There is no doubt that Neymar has become the proper name of the summer. That the Brazilian can leave Paris Saint-Germain every day seems more possible and Barcelona and Real Madrid seem to be interested in getting the services of the star of the Parisian club The fight between the two great Spanish clubs for Neymar makes it inevitable that various personalities from the world of football give their opinion on where they prefer to see the Brazilian. The last to join this list has been Gheorghe 'Gica' Hagi, former player of Real Madrid and Barcelona, who believes that Neymar's arrival at the white club will make them unstoppable.

"They can win easier. Without a doubt. Neymar and with the hiring of Hazard, they win the Champions League again, "he explains in an interview with Super Deportivo Radio," After Zidane will have to find his place to each, but it is the best thing that can happen to a coach. Just motivate him ". For the 'Maradona of the Carpathians', the Brazilian is a "top player, although now he is not very well": "There are times that he is well and sometimes not, as now that he is a little clueless, but not nothing happens. The value of the player is the same. He is a player who would do well for all the teams in the world ", added the Romanian.

4 Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona, his life after football ...

Hagi also talked about others many themes of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, declaring himself a supporter of the former for a common characteristic: being left-handed. "I would love to be your coach, but I confess that I choose Messi because I have a small weakness for him being left-handed. I was a left-handed footballer myself. I can't choose another one, it's my style" , the Romanian said, who also He addressed the end of the 'Messi era'. For Hagi, the Argentine could play until later than him: "I retired at the age of 36, playing 60 games a year and I think today that figure is better. Recovery is better and if you take care of yourself, you are connected, motivated and well trained you can play until 38 quietly ", he explained," The issue is how much I want to continue doing it. I realized at 36 that I did not want to continue sacrificing myself. The problem was not on Sundays, because I I retired scoring goals, but from training and day to day. '10 does not suffer in training, suffers in the daily routine ".

Likewise, excused the Argentine star from the bad results achieved with his selection, which blames the lack from "a coach and a team": "I still haven't seen that a single player can win a World Cup. When Maradona was a champion, he had wonderful players who worked behind himl", the Romanian sentence, "He has to appear to make a difference at the right time, but it is the team that takes you to the big goals. Anyway, this is a collective game, not like tennis. Football is a show and '10' is the main artist ".

Added 'Maradona of the Carpathians', Hagi confesses that he never bothered the nickname and that " was an immense pleasure to play against him in 1990 " "It was a motivation to have it in front of me, as always when I faced great rivals. 2 I didn't need anyone to tell me anything before the game," adds the Romanian, who qualifies the experience as "the most I saw in football": " It was the god. What I saw Maradona do was wonderful ", Hagi says that he considers Maradona a more creative player, similar to him, and Messi as a great scorer.


And Hagi did justice to his nickname: with Romania he disputed three Consecutive World Cups and many other Euro Cups, valuing the consideration of being one of the best players of the 80 'and 90'. Asked about his possible adaptation to modern football, more professionalized than his time, Hagi was clear about his response: "The good, valid and competitive player can play at any time because the tactics and the game is the same. Everything depends on oneself, to adapt to the moments. Now the pace is higher, you just have to accommodate ".

Finally, the Romanian also approached his life after football. In 2009 he founded the Viitorul Constanta FC, club of which he owns and coaches, and of which he says they have" the best academy in Romania ": " We bring many players to the National Team and we are very proud of it. The goal is to give something back to football, which allowed me to have such popularity and that made me known in the world. 2 Now I work for children and with their illusions and dreams of being great soccer players. " His desire is very clear: to have again such a selectionsuch as the one they had in the 90s. 2

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