MotoGP Spielberg race summary: Austria is from Ducati

Dovizioso has imposed himself on Marquez in a heart attack final where victory and pride have been played. Quartararo has completed the podium.

With the victory of Dovizioso we said goodbye until two weeks later, when the twelfth race of the 2019 season of the MotoGP World Championship in Silverstone will be held. Thank you for following us on Sunday's day in Austria. See you soon!

Pride Duel And there has been Dovizioso until the end. 2 Repeating the script of Austria 2017, also that of Japan in that same year, Qatar 2019 ... and other few hand in hand in which the Italian has been protagonist alongside Marc Márquez, that pilot called to end the Ducati domain in a path that remains red. The Desmosedici has returned to win in Austria and has done so discovering the essence of MotoGP, in a battle where its main actors have fought for the Victory and also for pride. 222222

The Red Bull Ring had at stake much more than 25 points and this is what Andrea and Marc have shown on the asphalt. The race in Spielberg has been one of those in which you forget the championship and you only remember how you know the victory, that prize that certifies you as the best of the weekend. And despite the fact that Márquez had been on paper, on the Austrian layout has been Dovizioso. And it won't be until a year later when the World Cup leader can say otherwise. For now, the 93 will have to keep waiting ...

Thus we live the race of the Austrian GP the pilot with the most poles in history of the queen class after adding the seventh of the season in Spielberg, has shown not only to go just one lap but also, in terms of pace, seems to be one step ahead of the rest. And so you could summarize what goes on season. However, the reality is that the Red Bull Ring belongs to the house of Bologna and the script, in the last two courses, demonstrates it.

Because Marquez also started from the pole in Spielberg in 2017 and 2018 for later, in the race , succeed the victory to Dovizioso and Lorenzo respectively. Although was all a matter of thousandths and now history, although it also places him as an unquestionable leader, it seems that it can only be written with the letter that Marc is choosing. Superiority is marking the season of the Honda pilot but the Ducati and some that another guest will not cease to be imposed on the champion. The fight is served.

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