Miguel Ángel Gómez defends the management of Ronaldo

The sports director at Lunin's presentation wanted to explain why he stayed at Valladolid; He also talked about the assignments and the value of the current workforce

The sports director of Real Valladolid reviewed some of the current affairs of the group after the presentation of Lunin. Gomez is focused on achieving some outings and said that finally the salary limit of Valladolid will be at 32 million euros despite the sale of Calero. Caro would be the next to leave since he has a Second team very interested in him.


The sports director talked about the assignments this season: "I don't understand the negative halo that floats in the environment. Last year we had eight ceded and for this campaign there are seven ... in addition, the team last year according to FIFA was valued at 29.6 million and the current value is 84 ”.

On the other hand, Miguel Ángel Gómez explained the reasons that pushed him to stay in Valladolid This summer, after a few weeks have passed: "I decide to stay because it was not the time to leave, with Operation OIKOS and the complicated situation in the club, it did not seem appropriate to leave the ship. Ronaldo had already transmitted his confidence and He has let me set up a scouting network and I'm very excited about everything I see about the sports city and the quarry and of course Ronaldo is meeting the needs of We have extended the work group and I am satisfied and I loved the club because it was not the time to leave the ship without a captain in the sports area. ”

David Espinar, schedules and preseason

The preseason has been marked by some situations in the US with training camps, weighed down by long trips and without specifying European rivals that were negotiated and in the end did not leave, staying the journey in a match against Brescia. The sports director spoke last Tuesday about "errors in the preseason that are going to be corrected. What Sergio has said is reality and something has taken us away, we must learn and improve" what Espinar pointed out "the errors have not been to do the preseason with one style or another, they have been errors of detail and I am convinced that the club will not repeat the preseason, but that it will do something very similar in the next campaigns ".

David Espinar also spoke of the controversial issue of the schedules: “We always encourage dialogue, but one thing is to dialogue and another to negotiate. You cannot negotiate something that is already ours, such as the rights to set schedules, that appears in the sports law of 1990. Valladolid shares the decision taken at the LFP meeting on Monday to offer dialogue but not negotiation and There will continue the judicial task undertaken by the LFP to recover the possibility of playing on Mondays in the validity of the contract signed with the televisions and we will see in the future what is done with Mondays because fulfilling this contract does not mean that Real Valladolid is in favor of playing on Mondays. ” In addition, the head of the presidential cabinet of Real Valladolid assured that the works of the stadium are going at a good pace and about the position that Ronaldo said was exaggerated: "On the study to know what is the most appropriate price of this stadium, we are in it" .

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