McLaren retrieves his main identity sign in F1

Historically, the words innovation and development have been part of the DNA of the British. The MCL34 is the car that has improved the most compared to 2018.

"There is no magic in Formula 1, everything is due to hard work" . With these words, Andreas Seild uncovered, at the FIA press conference of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2019, the secret of prosperity that McLaren is Experimenting in the Formula 1 World Cup 2019.

After three difficult years with Honda, Woking team decided last year to start a new alliance in the 'Grand Circus' next to Renault to re-establish itself in the front area next to Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.


A car, the MCL33, which instead of allowing Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne to fight for the victories and podiums, was comfortably surpassed by all its competitors except for Williams, a failure that forced Zak Brown to start a deep reorganization in the organization chart of the British team 444444

Figures as relevant as Tim Goss, Eric Boullier or Matt Morris left office2222 222 before the summer break to be replaced by Andrea Stella, Pat Fry or Gil de Ferrán, who undertook an arduous work to the southeast of Great Britain that James Key and Seild are giving a brilliant continuity in the current season 444444

But how much improved McLaren compared to 2018? If we analyze the pure speed of the MCL34 in the twelve qualifying sessions played to date, this year's car has rolled on average, one second and two tenths faster than its predecessor, the biggest improvement of the entire grid.


Deepening this analysis, the French Grand Prix 2019 is the race where the greatest advance has been observed in the machine piloted by Sainz and Norris, standing in the three and a half seconds of evolution, progress that is reduced to two and a half seconds and two seconds respectively in the Hungarian and Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2019.

Likewise and confronting McLaren with the fastest car in each race, the British team has reduced their inequality by more than seven tenths to a lap, installing it on average in the second and three tenths The Bahrain Grand Prix 2019, with nine tenths of deficit, is the test where the MCL34 of the first position ended closer, disparity that increased to a second and 96 and 99 thousandths in the Austrian and French Grand Prix 2019 respectively.


82 are the points that Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris have joined in the Formula 1 World Cup 2019, baggage that empowers McLaren the possibility of materializing in the 2020 project, since they would only need to add two points during the period between Spa Francorchamps and Yas Marina to preserve this leadership, in case of repeating Toro Rosso, Haas, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Racing Point and Williams their results from last year.


Innovation and development. 222222 Two words that historically have been part of the DNA of McLaren in the Formula 1 World Championship that in 2019 have once again become the cornerstones on which the road map of the b Rituals Because as Bruce McLaren said, life is measured in achievements, not just in years. 2

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