Marquez has a shot coming with 'title ball' to Thailand

He left Silverstone with 78 points ahead of Dovizioso and, if he manages to keep that income in Misano and Aragon, he could already be champion in Buriram.

The Silverstone press conference was not one of the happiest for Marc Márquez, mainly because it coincided with the Moto2 race and he learned in front of the journalists about the fall of his brother Alex when he was leading the event. That did not mean that he attended everyone with the kindness and sympathy of always, having an informal talk with AS at the end of the meeting about the first title ball that can be presented to him in future appointments. 222222

The champion never gives anything done and does not even trust the 78 points he currently has on Dovizioso, the first of his pursuers, but the reality is that if he manages to maintain that income between the Misano and Aragon races, he could already be champion in Thailand. And that would mean overcoming himself, because the most left over that has won any of his titles is in Japan, making the last three dates a holiday in which on Sundays only honor was at stake. 444444

With that of England, there are already 12 races of the 19 that make up the calendar (the 2020 will have one more), with seven remaining ahead: Misano, Aragon, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Valencia. That is 175 points in play and, to have a title ball in the circuit of Buriram, Marc would need to get there in a position to leave with 100 points ahead of Dovizioso. 222222 If he arrived with the current income, he could be champion in Buriram with a victory combined with a thirteenth of the Italian. 2 It is complicated, of course, but difficult combinations have already been seen that ended with Alirón de Márquez, as when he won in Japan 2016 and Lorenzo and Rossi's Yamaha fell in Motegi, just what I needed. Now let's see what happens, but nobody is surprised by an early championship resolution. Notified are 444444

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