Márquez: "I got the brake guard on his motorcycle"

"He has taken me with him. When I wanted to slow down to cut inwards like he did in 2017, this piece was hooked and I thought I would fall," he says.

Supo fit with sportiness Marc Márquez the defeat against Andrea Dovizioso in the Austrian GP. The jackpot, which is the title, is still close, because he only lost five points with his second place and keeps the Italian 58 points away. In addition, he had fun and tried, because otherwise he would not be himself

-Does losing like this hurt less for the show given?

-Well, a winner hurts the same. The problem is that we are quite badly used to win this year and it is clear that a second knows little, because it is the worst result of the year removing Austin. He has been close but, if I am honest, in the middle of the race I have realized that today was not the day. The temperature has dropped and we have chosen the rear (middle) tire incorrectly. This does not detract from Dovizioso, who has made the perfect strategy and won us. The last seven laps he was almost playing with us, because he had something else and he has not used it until the last lap.


-Was his last curve maneuver expected?

-I expected something. Or on the climb, which is before the penultimate curve and there I have heard it close, or that if I entered very hard on the last curve I would pass before the goal, because its traction was much better than mine. I have decided to enter an intermediate point, but with the bad luck that the front brake protection has caught on some part of his motorcycle and he has taken me with him. When I wanted to brake hard to cut inwards as he did in 2017, this piece was hooked and for a moment I thought I would fall, but luckily the piece has jumped. It has broken and I was able to stop the bike and make second that it is not with its twenty points.


-Has a tad also crossed the rear curve in that last curve? I had lowered the rear tire a lot and you lose grip in and out. It is there that I could not stop late, which is one of my strengths, nor could I get out fast. The Ducati put me in parallel on the straight and not because I ran more but because my motorcycle skated. At the engine level we are quite similar, but I was skating my motorcycle more because of the mistake of choosing the rear tire. In Brno we chose the soft one and he chose the medium, with which the good strategy was ours.

-Do these races give more value to your possible World Cup?

-I have never said it is easy, but what I highlight more is that when we suffer we stay within a second of the victory, except Holland. We have always been there and that is what should be highlighted, but also that the rivals do not give up and that circuits such as Silverstone come in which the Yamaha will not give up and we have to follow our plan to win the championship, which is the objective.


-Have you let it happen to you in the middle of the race? I thought I would throw more, because I saw it safe and, in quotes, so left over that it was expected. For me it was welcome to wait until the end, because I was going to try. I knew I had the ones to lose. It's as usual, I throw myself into the pool without knowing if there is or there is no water. I had to lose, but I knew that there was some small possibility and I think people are grateful that it is tried and tested. Another in this situation would have cut and the second place would have been good, but I have tried going to the limit.

-The gesture with the leg that he made in the first round was to ask Dovi for forgiveness? , I almost fell. I have left the curve and the wheel has lifted for a long time, so you are picking up speed with the wheel raised and when it returns to the ground it is locked. That's where I almost fell in.


-Have you played alone from the beginning as if the others had left over?

-I was very clear that it was like that, between Dovi and me. My goal was to wear myself, but to make the small group. The fewer people in front, the better for the championship, because that way I lose less points if the tire falls. 444444

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