Mangala and Costa, ready for the Royal Society: "We are full"

The two new defenses of Valencia were presented in Paterna and both were prepared to compete over the weekend.

Anil Murthy, presented to the soccer player, in the Media Center of Paterna:

“Two players to improve a great defense. The Valencia second team less thrashed. These two players will help improve the defense. Mangala left a mark of professionalism that has kept him linked to the entity from a distance. We want people who never give up. A Jaume is living a thousand memories of when he was at the Academy. 222222 He dreamed of reaching the first team. He did it in 2008 but now he arrives at a Champions team that wants to continue growing. ”

Jaume Costa:“ Automations, after several years, are not lost but they are forgotten a little ”

Do you remove a thorn when you return to Valencia?: “I am very happy to be here. It's been 10 years where I worked a career but I go back to where I came out. Immense joy, many familiar faces ... I really wanted to make myself available to the master. ”

What has it been like to return to the sports city 10 years later ?: “ It was weird. After 10 years doing the same route, lowering the ramp that ... It is true that the facilities have changed but there are many people who are still there. Good people always remain. We have greeted each other as I thought. ”

Do you want to stay longer? “ My idea is to compete and give my all for the team I am on. I do not look beyond. My present is to be in Valencia. Being 100% willing to train and that the club is as high as possible. ”

Known: “ Positive feelings: adapters, teammates, I played with Chery, Jaume… everyone has treated me very well. I only have words of thanks and I want to start. ”

Peer calls: “ I get along very well with Chery. Yesterday we wrote and were glad to share costumes again. I have to catch the rhythm they have. ”

Crisis: “ I can't answer. It is something that does not concern me. I come to work and give everything for the club. ”

Marcelino’s libretto and play on Sunday: I don't feel the obligation to play anymore or anything like this. 444444

Marcelino: “We have greeted each other. We have talked. What each one wanted. Start the season well and I can't say anything else. ”

Mangala:“ I feel full, as if I were 18 years old. ”

How does it feel to return?: “I have a lot of history with Valencia. I was able to come before Porto, then I came three years ago. There are no two without three. It's very beautiful because I really like the team and the city. ”

Physical state: “ I've only had one injury. It was very long. You have already trained, I am ready to compete. I feel full, as if I were 18 years old. ”

Rodrigo:“ I saw him in the morning. He has said goodbye to go home. ”

What can you contribute ?: “ My experience. This team needs continuity because it was a great season last year. Adapt as soon as possible. ”

Do you think you will have minutes?: “ There are many games. Everyone will have minutes to play. The most important thing is the team. I think I'll have minutes. ”

Did you give up your contract at City? :“ I wanted to go back to Mestalla and it's the best for the club and for me. ”

Cup more. When I was here, the atmosphere was different. He has changed how he is competing, that is why he has won a Cup. ”

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