Madrid is a sea of doubts

Zidane insisted on 3-5-2 and then switched to 4-4-2. Marcelo and Casemiro marked. He lost the Mabel Green Cup trophy on penalties (5-4): Marcelo failed.

Soon the mystery was revealed. The change of drawing and the commitment to 3-5-2 is not the flower of a day. Zidane repeated before Rome, at least starting . It is in your head that this is your letter of introduction in the debut of the League on Saturday 17 against Celta. But neither the match against Salzburg nor this one has left reliable evidence that it is the best choice. Most likely, for being a little worked drawing. It has as many lights as shadows. 444444

Among those who can shine brighter with it is, clearly, Marcelo. So you can install your game in chaos, not save the position and even finish some play in the center forward position. Occurred. And also marked a great goal. But even that can not be considered a virtue in this Madrid so weak. In the second half, he changed Zidane to 4-4-2, with Vinicius and Hazard in the bands and Benzema and Jovic on end, and the team finally began to carbure and have control of the game that he lacked in the first half.

The list of cons of playing with three centrals occupies much more role than that of the pros. Improvisation dominates the movements of the players. The exchanges are misplaced and often in clear inferiority with their pair when they fall to the band. It was clearly seen in a play that showed Militao in dispute with Zaniolo. And, to top it off, if that drawing was expected to be the one that Hazard performs the most, it was also shown that, playing so advanced at the end, the Belgian does not come into play almost and, when he does, has many difficulties to withstand the onslaught of the centrals being on their backs. His best position is the one he has always occupied in Chelsea, starting from the left, in the midpoint. 444444

The truth is that the mysteries of Zidane are unfathomable. Otherwise it is not understood that he has opted for Carvajal as a starter in the last two games when the first official against Celta is sanctioned. Odriozola will appear with 147 minutes less on his legs than his teammates. But something must be recognized by the French technician. That does not stitch without thread. And you have to interpret their movements. The message he has sent to the goalkeepers, for example, is clear. He has also given Courtois the last two games of the summer. He knew what the Belgian said when he said that "now it is clear who is number one". Is the. Keylor will have to settle for the Cup or find a team by the end of the month.


The first part was directly an uncontrolled festival. Courtois was forced to disrupt up to five clear occasions of Rome. Ünder even crashed a ball into the crossbar in the first one. And yet, it was Madrid who struck first in a masterful move by Modric, who found the gap between the centrals to filter a pass to Marcelo. The Brazilian cut and hit him with the right as if he were not left-handed .222222

The draw came in a disorderly pressure from Madrid that left Zaniolo hand in hand with Casemiro. He beat him by speed and found the pass to Perotti. The Argentine only had to push it. In the last minutes of the first half, with the game broken, there was time for two more right-handers. The first of Casemiro, full of his first appearances of the preseason. He headed up a center of Marcelo in a rehearsed corner play. Only a minute later was Dzeko who was giving a lesson on how a centro striker works. His countryman Jovic saw him closely. But he missed the two clear he had and remains unmarked after 162 minutes.

The second part gave Bale a chance he didn't have. Zidane had taken it against the prognosis to Rome and the movement smelled more of alleged humiliation than of attempted redemption. There was some bad thought that saw him replacing Marcelo on the side. Something like a "that's what awaits you if you stay." And who knows if it didn't happen because Zidane was forced to change the system. But there is a willingness to change in Welsh. He was seen until defending ... and did not make a miracle twice in which he took his left foot for a walk: one went to the side net and the other whistled to the post.

no more doubts about this project that seems unfinished and that, if it started with a clear pattern, is far from resembling the original idea. Penalties (5-4) to determine who took the symbolic trophy (a bonsai) only served to Marcelo put a small blur to a great night for him. 2

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