Luis Casimiro: "If you belong to Unicaja you have to be ambitious"

Interesting review of Luis Casimiro who will face his second season as coach of Unicaja. Many challenges for this course.

Analysis of the first days. “The players are very dedicated to the work and effort that this part of the season requires. Until now we knew the work ethic of the players we already had and with the new ones that are more Deon Thompson we are delighted in the work they do, very integrated and very happy. Pre-seasons are very necessary. The calendars do not allow to give the importance that would deserve from minute one to the preseason. You cannot have the entire team doing the construction work of the team from day one to the last. It would be ideal, but it is a job in which we have to weather the storm as things come. ”

Changes in relation to the past year. “With respect to the previous year we have won in two aspects, the physical and the athletic. We have to differentiate between the physical and the athletic aspect and we have won, I believe, in both. We have people who can be very physical even if they are not great athletes and we have players with an athleticism that allows us to do things that last year, due to clothing and features, we couldn't have. ”

Change in style? than. The philosophy will always be the same. You always try to maintain some game parameters and what we have to do is adapt to the characteristics of the players. 444444

Less talent? Many times talent without work and physical commitment does not help much. Work surpasses talent. Of course, talent with work is the best. I think we have very talented players ”

Is there less outside pitching? I appreciate the work and commitment of the previous group, which was very good, and now it's time to discover the new personality of the team, in the same style. ”

Is the Eurocup more important? “ When you ask me about the objectives, I will say That mine is to be ambitious. If we have a team that is ambitious, it is very good, but the well-understood ambition must be in the team's DNA. Not because we proclaim it to the four winds we will be more ambitious. I prefer to do things to say them. If the ambition is in the DNA we have to have it in every game, whatever the competition. If we want to have ambition it is not a shirt that we wear or take off for one party or another. We must be ambitious in everything and that leads you to not discriminate anything, not to be satisfied with what you do and want more. If we are able to achieve this, the objectives will come because the team is doing a good job. If you belong to Unicaja, you have to be ambitious and get the most. From the entity they transmit that to us. But not to say it is achieved before. I think the important thing and the key is to do it every day. Bright ideas has anyone. From the dome of the club they convey that we are ambitious and aspire to the fullest. We cannot set limits, doing our job and always competing. ”

Canteranos. “The most remarkable thing, and you have to read many times between the lines, is that one of the successes that the quarry has had is that for example the team (Spain Under-18) where Tamba and Alessandro Scariolo and some other player who was in the quarry (Gody Dike) is that they emphasize that they have been players who have given a hardness to their selections and a physical component that others have not given. Ours have reached a physical level that other components of the Spanish team did not give. Ismael Tamba is now in the Morgan Stilma process last year. It is evolving and has evolved. Everyone has had it. Pablo Sánchez has had an improvement on an important physical level, he is no longer the same Pablo who reached the last preseason. Everyone is evolving, they are very young. Pierre Sené the youngest and is contributing things. We must thank him. ”

Milosavljevic. “We always like to keep a core of the previous year, with Dragan it would have been 50% of the workforce continuing. It is good for the chemistry of the locker room to have players who stay, involved like him. It changes in that sense. Axel Toupane appears, who seems very good player, but is new. ”

Josh Adams. “It is a counterpoint to Alberto Díaz that, say, is the base base. He is a young player, who I think has a long career, with great athletic ability and talent. We have to put him in the team's work in building the game dynamics. He has everything to be a great player and to express himself here in Unicaja is good for him. ”

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