Lebron 'is included' in the best ever quintet of the Lakers

The eaves published a photo where he appeared with four great stars in the history of Lakers. According to him, they would beat any team in the history of the NBA.

The first year of the LeBron James era in Lakers is history. One that has not resembled, nor from afar, what was expected to happen twelve months ago. The forward arrived in Los Angeles after leading and putting the Cavaliers, almost alone, in the end of 2018. From there they left scalded with the blunt 4-0 before the Warriors, thus closing the second stage of 'The King' in Cleveland

Despite arriving in California at the gates of 34 years (next December, 35), the performance of this star was still overwhelming. However, his injury at the end of 2018 and the irregularity and plague of casualties that stabbed the squad led to another year, the sixth in a row, in which the Lakers stayed out of the playoffs. 222222

His record and performance in almost two decades that he has been playing in the NBA speak for themselves, but if we talk about his achievements with his current team, the list remains as it was. Despite this, the player has not hesitated to upload a photo to his Instagram profile that has created a lot of controversy among the public: Lebron appears next to Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson . In the title of the image, Lebron recognizes that a quintet formed by the five players that appear in the photograph could defeat any quintet in the history of the NBA.

Those innuendoes have generated great disparity of opinions because LeBron James He hasn't won anything in this franchise yet. However, he has publicly acknowledged that he will not stop until he obtains a title with the Angelina franchise. At the moment, and unlike him, the four great stars that accompany him, surely the most important in the history of the Lakers, have achieved absolutely everything and have become what they are in this team. A nuance that many fans, especially the Lakers, take into account.


Photos from as.com
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