La Real can renew Pardo so that it will be transferred

Granada has requested its assignment, and is confident that the Rioja accepts with this formula.

The future of Rubén Pardo in the Royal Society is a mystery. He has a contract until 2020, but it is not certain that he will continue all season dressed as txuri-urdin. His intention is to continue, but without renewing his contract that ends within a year the Real does not want him to stay, but for now he has not renewed, nor has he seen with good eyes the two offers that have come to him to leave the Real , one of the Leganés and another of the Girondins de Bordeaux, al which said "no" to a three-season contract. In this way, the future of the Riojan midfielder is in the air. the proposals that have arrived in this final stretch of the market, including one of Granada, which has been interested in their services, but that cannot make an offer to seize their federative services. Because Rioja is a player with a good sign in our league. The problem is that the idea of disengaging from the Real completely does not convince him, because nothing he has received attracts him enough to take that step.


so you can leave the realistic team as assigned. Granada has asked the San Sebastian club the possibility that the Riojan player plays this season on loan, and so that this can happen and close an operation that he considers important, has the hope and confidence that Rubén Pardo will accept a renewal in the Real for another campaign (until 2021 or maybe until 2022). That way the possibility that he would end up in Granada would win integers. At the moment it is an option that must be contemplated by all parties.

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