Kyrgios calls the ATP "corrupt" and later apologizes

The Australian strongly criticized the organization during the press conference after his victory over Steve Johnson in the first round of the US Open.

Since it has become customary for Nick Kyrgios to be the talk of one way or another in the tennis circuit, both on and off the track. The Australian alternates great performances, such as that of his premiere at the US Open against local Steve Johnson (6-3, 7-6 (1) and 6-4), with sounded blows like the one he starred in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, When he insulted, he spat and refused to shake hands with the chair judge after falling to the Russian Khachanov. For this behavior he was fined $ 113,000 (about 102,000 euros) .

After his triumph in the first round of the New York Grand Slam, which he attended with permission from the organizers despite the fact that the ATP continues to consider suspending him for what happened in the 1,000 Masters of the state of Ohio, Kyrgios was asked at a press conference what he thought of the sanction: “The ATP is quite corrupt anyway. I am not worried at all ”. By these declarations, the aussie wayward could be separated from future competitions, because with him it already rains on wet and it is not the first time that it mounts this type of numbers. Of course, he did not thank him for being reminded of the Cincinnati incident and turned around: "Why are we talking about something that happened three weeks ago when I just eliminated someone in the first round of the US Open?" .

incident during the game against Khachanov, Kyrgios was punished for audible obscenity, abuse with the ball, verbal abuse towards the referee, abandonment of the court and four charges of unsportsmanlike conduct. The fine could be even greater, because the ATP still investigates whether what happened during the game and after it may be subject to additional measures according to the code of major offenses of the players.


Kyrgios is not charged. In fact, in his appearance before the media on Tuesday, he faced a journalist. “Have you ever insulted someone? You are not an elite athlete ”, answer to which another reporter told him if he thought he had the right to speak badly because he was. “I just say that people get frustrated,” said Nick.


Yesterday, the Canberra tennis player tried to apologize on social media: “It was not the right selection of words and my intention was to point out the double standards that exist rather than talk about corruption. I understand that my behavior is controversial and puts me in trouble, sometimes rightly so. But the point is that others who behave the same or similar are not penalized. I am not perfect and I know that I deserve sanctions and fines at times, but I expect consistency and justice in all areas, and that does not happen. I have the support of Chris Kermode (president of the ATP) and I support him, so I wanted to clarify my comments while still maintaining my beliefs about those double standards. ” Today, Kyrgios will play against the Frenchman Hoang with the spotlights aiming at him.

Tsitsipas, also in disgust

Stefanos Tsitsipas starred in the other notable incident of the second day when discussing with the chairman of the match in which he lost against the Russian Rublev, because this He notified him for allegedly receiving instructions from his father and coach. “You have something against me, I don't know what it is. Surely because you are French. You are all weird, ”he said. “It was very wrong with me. I did not hear anything. They were encouraging me and he insisted they talked to me, ”explained the Greek about the referee Damien Dumusois.


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