Junior Lake: "To take away the illusion, they have to kill us"

After its recent renovation with Mallorca, the Ivorian has talked about the match against Eibar and the current state of the team in Madrid.

Real Mallorca faces its return to the First Division with the inertia of two consecutive ascents, from Second B to Second and from Second to First, and the newly renovated Lago Junior has put words to that inertia. The Costa Rican striker says that this Mallorca "will compete as we have always competed in the last two years and to take away the illusion, they have to kill us" .

Lago argues that " we have only five players who have played in Primera, the rest is people who even come from the Third Division and who were in Second B two years ago, and all want to show that they have level to play in First ".

About the rival at the premiere, the Eibar, the Mallorcan striker values that it is of "a team that has been in Primera for several years, that has things very clear, a very straight football and who knows what he plays with a coach who has been in the team for years" .

About his renewal until 2023, Lake Junior He claims to be "happy" adding that he feels "lucky because I can continue in the club that has given me the opportunity to and to be able to achieve my goal, my dream of being in First Division again, with a team with which I have had very bad moments (in reference to the descent to Second B) and now enjoying very good moments, and that is why I am happy " .

Lago insists on ensuring that " first thing for a footballer is happiness and I have here my family, my girl who was born here and is thirteen months old and my wife, we are very happy and just get the promotion I told my representative: we already have what we want, do not negotiate with anyone, I want to continue in Mallorca, I do not want to hear any offer, no matter what they offer us ".

Also, Lago Junior now opens another door: the Ivory Coast selection for which it is a requirement when being selected to be in a First Division team. In this regard, Lago says that "the first thing was to be in First, and now the second will depend on the level that I can give to be selected."

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