Jon Rahm finished third after fighting a battle with Reed

The Basque became leader, but on the second round of the New Jersey tour he stopped and the Texan broke loose. Reed has not won since the 2018 Masters.

Jon Rahm fought one more Sunday for a title on the US PGA Tour. Barrika's had an intense duel with Patrick Reed in the Northern Trust, belonging to the playoffs of the millionaire FedEx Cup, who finally opted for the controversial Texan golfer. Reed better controlled the final stretch of Liberty National, that New Jersey tour overlooking Manhattan (Empire State, One World Observatory ...) and the Statue of Liberty. But the Basque did not make it easy ...

Rahm came from behind (-12), with two strokes of disadvantage compared to Reed (-14), known for his controversies and his brilliant game. The Barrika recognizes that sometimes he likes to leave a game before the star to intimidate the opponent. And at the beginning that tactic worked. He turned his first birdie in hole 5. He made the next one in 6, a pair 5 of which he took so well during the week in New Jersey. 222222 The 8, another pair 5, birdie too. The attack was created. He reached two up. Reed was not going and Rahm seemed to have dealt a lethal blow to the tournament. But it was not like that ...

Rahmbo's return became suffering in the second part of the tour. If the 5 pairs were the manna, the 3 were the hell. This happened in 11 and 14, of which he left with bogey (countered with birdie at 12 and 13) . Another +1 came in 15 ... and Reed regained the advantage of the beginning of the return. The winner of the 2018 Augusta Masters does not need much to grow. A battle broke out between colossi. And the Texan prevailed, which in the final section shone. He won (-16) for the first time since putting on the Green Jacket. Rahm finished third (-14), because Mexican Ancer reached -15.

He is the top-ten number 12 of 111111Rahm in a 2019 in which he is making a regular flag (he has two victories: Zurich Classic and Ireland) . In the Liberty National he exhibited great long game, especially with the driver, and was fine in the putt. The Basque is fifth in the FedEx Cup. This week ... the BMW.

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