Javalambre, Mas de la Costa and Andorra, the stages of the week

The unprecedented Aragonese climb, the ramps of the Castellón port and the Andorran etapon are the main stages of this first week of the Tour.

The first week of the Vuelta a España race could make the first major selection for the general classification of the event. Three great mountain days appear on the horizon this week, which will conclude with a great and demanding day on the roads of Andorra. 444444 Stage 5 L'Eliana - Javalambre Astrophysical Observatory (Wednesday, August 28)

First great mountain day of This Tour of Spain with a route of 170.7 kilometers between L'Eliana and the unprecedented climb to the Astrophysical Observatory of Javalambre. The race and it will go biting up in the first 30 kilometers on the way to Puerto de Alcublas (2nd, 5.9 km. At 4.7%). From here the runners will roll on some terrain with some steep slopes before the ascent to Alto de Fuente de Rubielos (3rd, 4.8 km. At 5.7%). An area with a pestile terrain will take the runners to the Manzanera sprint before arriving at Arcos de Salinas to begin the final ascent to the Astrophysical Observatory of Javalambre, first class with its 11.1 kilometers to 7.8% with eight final kilometers in Those with a slope of just 8% and with some areas of 16% .

Stage 6 Mora de Rubielos - Ares del Maestrat (Thursday, August 29)

With the Javalambre hangover still on the legs, cyclists will face a route of 199 km half mountain between Mora de Rubielos and the arrival at Ares del Maestrat. The stage will have a very difficult start with the climbs to the Port of Nogueruelas (2nd, 9 km. To 4.5%) and the Puero de Linares (3rd, 7.7 km. To 5.7%). From here they will have a more favorable area on the way to the intermediate sprint of Catí before facing 30 final kilometers with the ascent to Puerto de Culla (3rd, 4.4 km. At 5.8%) and, after its descent, the final ascent to Ares del Maestrat, third category with its 7.9 kilometers at 5% .

Stage 7 Onda - Mas de la Costa (Friday, August 29)

The Valencian triptych will close with a journey of 183.2 kilometers between Onda and the arrival high to Mas de la Costa. After about 80 calm kilometers, the road will go upwards in La Vall d'Uixó with the chain of the Puerto del Marianet (3rd, 3.7 km at 5.5%), the Port of Eslida (2nd, 6 KM. AL 4.5%) and the Port of Alcudia de Veo (3rd, 4.2 km at 4.4%). After passing through the intermediate sprint of Onda, the runners will have 30 very hard final kilometers with the ascent to Puerto del Salto del Caballo (2nd, 10.4 km. To 4.6%) before the final ascent to Mas de la Costa , first-class with its 4.1 kilometers at 12.3% with peaks of 22.5 and 25% before the final ramp at 17.5% .

Stage 9 Andorra la Vella - Cortals d'Encamp (Sunday 1 of September)

The first week will end with a great 94.4 km mountain stage between Andorra la Vella and the final climb to Cortals d'Encamp. On departure, the runners must ascend the demanding Coll d'Ordino, first class with its 8.9 kilometers at 5% with very constant ramps. A long descent will take the runners to Sant Juliá de Loria to face the main difficulty of the day, the Coll de la Gallina, of Special Category with its 12.2 kilometers to 8.3% and ramps ranging between 7 and 14% with many sections close to 10%. After a rapid descent of the intermediate sprint of Santa Coloma, cyclists will enter the final chain with the climbs to Alto de la Comella (2nd, 46, km. To 8.6%), to Alto de Engolasters (2nd, 4th, 8 km at 8.1%, with 4 kilometers of sterrato) before the final ascent to the Alto de Els Cortals d'Encamp, first class with its 5.7 kilometers at 8.3% and initial ramps of 12%.

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