"Jorge has not been physically playing for a long time"

"It is very important that I recover the physical form and then, normally, the mood enters alone," says the Repsol Honda main team.

Alberto Puig does not hide the disappointment he feels for the loss of Jorge Lorenzo for the races of Brno and Austria, but being clear that above all it is a disappointment for the pilot, whom he has been physically touched for a long time. The main team of Repsol Honda is confident that, once the physical form has been recovered, it will also take the mood and return to being the Lorenzo that led Honda to sign him.


-Is it a disappointment that Lorenzo will miss the Czech Republic and Austria?

-Man, absolutely, but I understand that the first is, above all, a disappointment to him, because he who carries the damage inside is him. (Fracture of two vertebrae due to its fall in Assen, T6 and T8). We are annoyed, because we would like him to be here and to have adapted to the motorcycle, but life is not just what you would like. Life is what it is and the thing is going like this. Our illusion and our goal is, first, to recover, to recover well, and to catch Lorenzo's spark and the character of taking a racing motorcycle to full milk. That is what we would like. Honda has worked for it and has done what it has asked us. Sometimes you don't do more because you don't know more. It has not been left for us. 444444

-How much has it bothered you that you have offered to Ducati?

-I do not know anything about this subject nor do I know who said it. I don't know if it has been more a Ducati issue, but I don't go into this either. Jorge has a two-year contract with us and what really worries me is that he gets well physically and emotionally, wanting to run again to win, to compete.


-If anyone can turn around this situation is Lorenzo and Honda, for winners and potential, but what if that does not happen?

-How many stories that are planned in life do not happen? Almost all. Everyone plans dreams and, in the case of Jorge, they take away the dance. He is an uncle who has won five world championships. I'd like it to me.


-Is this situation sustainable on both sides if things do not change? physically from Qatar.


-I would say that from Thailand last year. 222222

-He has been touched and has not been physically the way he has played for a long time. It is very important that you recover the physical form and then, normally, the mood form enters alone. The combination is what makes you click one day. There were some important chestnuts in Qatar, in Barcelona and then the auction came in Holland. If it is sustainable? Obviously I don't like it, but what I never tire of repeating is that Honda is a serious company and we have a contract with it. When we decided to sign it, it was done because we thought it was our choice. Changing the speech now would be a mistake on our part.

-I suppose having Marquez makes the problems in another part of the box better. 2

-They are two separate things. What happens is that a top team, as it is, what he likes is to have the two drivers ahead. That is evident. It is the story of all racing teams, Formula 1 and motorcycles. As much as it is said that they want to have a good one and a bad one, you want to have two very good uncles that assure you of a championship, some victories and, above all, the development of a motorcycle with different opinions from expert uncles. That was also sought with the signing of Jorge.

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