'Dovi' has done it again

Before the checkered flag of the MotoGP race Márquez fell, he already knew that it had happened again, Andrea snatched the victory again.

Marquez complained, ducking his head as he sped up at full speed on the finish line. Before the checkered flag of the MotoGP race fell, he already knew that it had happened again, Dovizioso snatched his victory again at the Austrian GP in the last corner of the circuit. This time it seemed that it was his, but the Italian has taken as no one the measure in hand to hand to the Spanish. It is true that the Ducati is a motorcycle more conducive to a route like the Austrian, also that the ilerdense complained about the choice of the rear tire. However, neither of these two arguments would say that they have enough consistency to subtract an iota of merit from the great triumph of 'Dovi'. It was his opportunity and he wanted to seize it. 444444

The performance of this pair of exceptional pilots must be valued. There are no significant changes in the World Cup qualification, but Andrea needed a victory to keep a thread of hope, while Marc longed to win in the only stage of the contest in which he has not yet done it. 222222 It was clear that the leader I was not going to contemplate with that privilege because it never does, also placing itself in this in another dimension. His own brother, Alex, was conservative in Moto2 in a logical attitude of those looking for that middle class twist. But the eldest of the family is in very different circumstances, the pressure points in another direction and enjoys the margin for unlikely actions.

Photos from as.com
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