Garitano: "We don't know anything about Williams and United"

"I am left with the sensations of the team against one of the best teams in Europe," Athletic coach throws after 2-2 against Roma with an unfair penalty from the Italians.

Gaizka Garitano is an analytical type, who does not grow in the face of victories or in the face of defeats. In Italy, against Roma, tie two with interesting brushstrokes: "I keep the team's feelings against one of the best teams in Europe. The first half with eleven has given very good feelings, with ten it has cost us more, logically with the heat and being one less ", gut. In this sense, added the Athletic coach that "we have endured without suffering goal and good chances. We are getting well at the beginning of the season and wanting to start the competition" .

About the discard of Kodro or Villalibre in the lead revealed that "the decision is made", although he has not yet communicated to the implicated and about the interest of Manchester United for Williams, settled with a "we know nothing." The striker, who started, left with a sore toenail. 222222

A demanding test waiting for the one of this Thursday in Anduva before Mirandés de Iraola: "We like competitive teams and that last penalty, which seems not it has been; we are left with the work we have done, we have found ourselves very comfortable in the first team, stealing many balls and squeezing very high, the penalty is not having played the second half with eleven ".

Unai López takes the lead in the wide area: "He is a boy who needs concepts, we have many midfielders of different cuts and with options". The base will be similar to Barça: "We always introduce some change, we have everyone and it will look like something," he slipped over the start of the League. 444444

Uni Simón was a starter and almost for the penalty that led to the final 2-2 hit to the post: "We have two very good goalkeepers and I am calm, play who plays, I wanted to see him before a very good team." Iñigo Martínez was combative: "He has lost a lot of competition comes two of 90 and will get well to the first League game. We are getting into the rhythm of competition."

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