Final victory of Joao Rodrigues after winning the final chrono

The Portuguese was awarded the last stage and the general classification. The best ranked Spanish was Gustavo Veloso who finished in third place overall.

The Portuguese cyclist Joao Rodrigues (W52-FC Porto) was proclaimed champion of the Volta to Portugal this Sunday after winning in the last stage, a time trial in which he won ahead of Joni Brandao (Efapel), with whom he was tied in the head of the general. 444444

The Portuguese, 24, took the chrono, 19.5 kilometers between the cities of Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto and covered in 27 minutes and 31 seconds. "The time trial and the human warmth were impressive. I gave everything on the road. I already said that whoever had better legs and had better recovered from the Volta would be better today," the winner said in statements to the public television RTP after the stage 444444

His teammate Antonio Carvalho (+15 seconds) and Brandao (+26), who rolled today with the yellow jersey for the hundredths of a second he had over Rrigues, completed the podium of the last stage, in the streets of downtown Porto. 2

The Spanish veteran Gustavo César Veloso, also of the W52-FC Porto, finished the chrono in fourth place, which allowed him to finish the Volta third in the classification. In a general with a Portuguese majority, Colombians Cristhian Montoya (Medellín), who finished eighth,


, Rodrigues succeeds as Spanish Volta champion Raúl Alarcón, teammate, who could not contest the test for injury, and is the first Portuguese to take the title in three years.

4 Stage classification:

1. Joao Rodrigues (W52-FC Porto) 27: 31

2. António Carvalho (W52-FC Porto) to 15

3. Joni Brandao (Efapel) at 27

4. Gustavo Veloso (W52-FC Porto) at 28

5. Thibault Guernalec (Team Arkea-Samsic) at 58

6. Gian Friesecke (Swiss Racing) at 1: 03

7. Samuel Calde Porto33 (3733). ) to 1: 1


8. Mikel Aristi (Euskadi-Murias) at 1: 20

9. Edgar Pinto (W52-FC Porto) at 1: 21

10. Daniel Mestre (W52-FC Porto) at 1: 23

Classification General:

1. Joao Rodrigues (W52-FC Porto) 40h57: 0


2. Joni Brandao (Efapel) at 27

3. Gustavo Veloso (W52-FC Porto) at 1: 08

4. António Carvalho (W52-FC Porto) : 32

5. Edgar Pinto (W52-FC Porto) at 3: 1


6. Joao Benta (Radio Popular-Boavista) at 3: 15

7. David Rodrigues (Radio Popular-Boavista) at 4:


8. Cristhian Montoya (Medellín ) at 5: 2


9. Daniel Silva (Radio Popular-Boavista) at 5: 33

10. Henrique Casimiro (Efapel) at 5: 43.

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