Fernando Ochoa, Athletic manager dies for 21 years

He was in charge of materializing the celebration of the 1983 title crossing the Ria del Nervión aboard the barge. His passage was clouded by an armored contract.

Fernando Ochoa, Athletic manager between 1982 and 2003, that is, during the last titles of the club, died Sunday at his home in Getxo at 75 years after going through a long illness. He has been one of the longest running managers in the recent history of the entity. He joined the red and white club by Pedro Aurtenetxe in 1982 and also worked with presidents José Julián Lertxundi (1990-1994), José María Arrate (1994-2001) and Javier Uria (2001-2003). All of them always highlighted his prodigious memory, closeness and ability to work. He rarely appeared on the front line, but he was always involved in almost every effort. He was key in stellar signings such as Howard Kendall and Jupp Heynckes, with whom he had a great friendship. He also had ties with the Federation and the Professional League. 444444

He was a key figure in the modernization of the entity. The Bilbao engineer was in charge of materializing the idea of Cecilio Gerrikabeitia, then honorary president of the Choral Society of Bilbao, to celebrate the 1983 title crossing the Ria del Nervión aboard the barge. His departure from the club was marred by an armored contract that harbored compensation of 1.8 million euros, and a lifetime salary of almost 5,400 euros, signed by Arrate theoretically to compensate for possible losses he could suffer in retirement or unemployment. In 2008 he notarized President Macua, a "liquidation of retirement supplements" whose gross amount was "over 750,000 euros."

Ochoa also had a past as a footballer. Bilbao Athletic (1962-63 and 1963-64) to later play in Barakaldo and Logroñés Sports Club. 444444

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