"Bruno Fernandes will go to Real Madrid for 70 million"

Daniele Pradè, sports director of Fiorentina, assured the arrival at Concha Espina of the Portuguese midfielder of Sporting de Portugal.

"Bruno Fernandes will go to Real Madrid for 70 million" . The news arrives from Italy and the source is not the press: it was the sports director of Fiorentina, Daniele Pradè, who gave the Portuguese arrival to Concha as safe Spine. The manager violates, as Corriere dello Sport pointed out, talked about his situation when assessing rumors about the interest in midfielder Raphinha, his team's goal. "Sporting could take it off the market because Bruno Fernandes will go to Madrid for 70 million," he said during the presentation of his last signing, Dalbert.


This revelation by Daniele Pradè has bothered Sporting de Portugal quite a bit and the reaction of the Portuguese club did not It has been expected: "Sporting does not comment on the life of other clubs, and considers it inappropriate and frivolous the way in which market issues are discussed at this point," said Hugo Viana, sporting director of Sporting de Portugal, in allusion to the words of his counterpart in Fiorentina. 444444

AS advanced on August 21 the contacts between Sporting and Real Madrid through Jorge Mendes, who offered the midfielder who will turn 25 in September. He did it right with that price, 70 million. Bruno Fernandes was chosen last year as the best player in the Portuguese league ahead of Joao Félix. 2 The midfielder scored 32 goals in 53 games last season and was erected in the midfielder who scored so many in any of the major European leagues . This campaign has started as the last one ended: in four games he has one goal and four assists. Madrid has long had very good reports on him. 222222

Zidane does not lose hope that in the last days of the market Madrid will make a final effort for Pogba, the great desire of the coach and that it was the main request he made to the club when he returned to the Madrid bench. The club has already closed the squad, but last year a contract arrived, Mariano's, after it had also been announced that there would be no more signings. However, United did not sign any substitute for Pogba and the transfer is practically impossible. Precisely Bruno Fernandes was one of the candidates of the Old Trafford entity to supply a hypothetical departure from the Frenchman. Finally, the England market closed and Bruno Fernandes continues in Portugal although his future, according to the sports director of Fiorentina, looks like a white Real Madrid ...

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