Fenati: "You learn from mistakes and I have learned"

On what happened last year with Manzi, he says: "That is an old book and now we are writing a new book that goes through chapter one."

Romano Fenati's eleventh victory is very special, since it is the first after the controversial incident starred last year with Manzi, when after a brawl between the two he decided to play the brake of his compatriot on the straight line of Misano at 217 per hour. That resulted in sanctions, loss of contracts, federation license and desire to continue, but that is history. Now he writes a new one that already tells his victory in the Austrian GP of Moto3.

-He said on Saturday that the pole had little, that what he counted was the race, and he has won it ...

-Yes and I am very happy . It is not a race that decides a championship, but I must continue like this, giving the best of ourselves. I am very political. (Laughs) .

-25 GGPP have passed from their last victory, in October 2017 in Japan. What does the data tell you?

-I thought it was 1900. (more laughter). Two years of abstinence for a pilot, or for me, is too much, but the races are like that. It is nice to return to the podium and to the press conferences, but we must make it last.


-Can this victory be a turning point?

-Yes, absolutely. For morals and motivation it is. It is a very strong moment for us.


-How was the last lap?

-Porca misery! With a tremendous fear of failure. (Laughs) I thought that if I failed at that time, everything was over.

-In a moment like this think about everything lived last year? For me that is an old book and now we are writing a new book that goes through chapter one. It is written with strong and positive emotions.

-How much do you care that important pilots and many people in the paddock rejoice in their return to the elite? That gives me great strength and, above all, I have high regard for all pilots, so it gives me a lot of pleasure. …

-I don't know. I am content. You learn from mistakes and I am happy because I have learned 444444

-Can this victory be celebrated at home more than others? . It is not a victory like the others. It's true.


-What has been different for me to win the race?

-I don't know. I thought they had got in the way behind me so that I could take advantage, but they told me I was going stronger than them.

Photos from as.com
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