F1 grill cools Ferrari on high-load circuits

The SF90 has improved, on average, two tenths and a half the chronos achieved by its predecessor. However, in Montmeló and Montecarlo this progress was reduced to thousandths.

Two years ago Ferrari has not won the Formula 1 World Championship A long drought, the second longest in the history of Cavallino Rampante, which everything seems to indicate, except for Mercedes' catastrophe and unusual resurrection of the Scuderia in the second half of 2019, which It will extend another year. 444444

A situation that many fans of the 'Grand Circus' would not have bet their savings that would occur after the extraordinary preseason that the Maranello team completed in the Circuit Barcelona Catalunya, where even Sebastian Vettel came to achieve the best time The tests 444444

However, a spiral of setbacks related to poor tire management or a very conservative front suspension design began to appear in the 2019 Australian Grand Prix, problems that have continued during the first half of the season , causing Ferrari to have failed today inuna victoria.

The origin of this enigma lies in the concept of low aerodynamic load that this winter decided to drive north of Italy to boost the performance of its power unit, in its ambitious goal of defeating Mercedes in the hybrid era.

Analyzing the speed at a turn of the car manufactured in the Emilia-Romagna region, we can see how the SF90 barely improves 92 and 33 thousandths the chronos that the SF71H achieved in the Monte Carlo and Spain Grand Prix 2018 respectively, two circuits that demand the maximum possible load level that a car can support. In the other test that can be similar to these characteristics, the Hungarian Grand Prix 2019, the progress rises to three tenths.


However, it is often said that comparisons are usually odious. And this study is not going to be the exception that confirms this rule. In the same tests mentioned above, the W10 rolled more than a second and seven tenths faster than its predecessor, as well as the entire grid, except for Racing Point and Williams in Monte Carlo, achieved greater progress than the Rampant Cavallino in their records in comparison with last season 444444

A bet that has proved wrong, since the silver arrow of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas not only recovers in the curves the deficit that the SF90 gets in the straight lines, but even obtains an advantage in their favor in these areas of the paths, as well as in the last tests before the summer break, the RB15 is exhibiting a better performance than the Italian car.


"In the second half of the season we will try to put the maximum level of possible load in the car, because next year's car will require even more ", said Mattia Binotto in the paddo Hungaroring ck. However, and seeing the disadvantage that Cavallino Rampante currently accumulates, it seems more feasible that Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have more weapons to fight for the triumph in Spa-Francorchamps or Monza than in Marina Bay or Suzuka.

Photos from as.com
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