EuroHoops: Delaney, the shuffled option to replace Heurtel

Barça would consider its signing, of enormous draft in line with those of Mirotic or Abrines, if it does not get a place in the NBA.

The Barcelona is considering replacing Thomas Heurtel's leave, which will go beyond five months if the deadlines are met, contrary to what was said in the environment at first. EuroHoops reports on this, which also gives the name of a player who is targeted and underlined by its value in the market: Malcolm Delaney, base of 1.91 meters and 30 years old.

Deney is an old acquaintance of the European fans although he is American. It already rang for Barça in its day, but it was also the one that separated him from the Euroleague in 2016 with Lokomotiv by Víctor Claver, Anthony Randolph and Chris Singleton. He has played in France and Ukraine too, and in recent seasons he has been in CBA China. Remember is also his passage through the NBA by the hand of the Hawks.

Nikos Varlas, the journalist who reports this movement, says that the club has him on the agenda and that would consider making an offer if there is a condition. Delaney has in the next few days a tryout with the Knicks to win a place in the training camp with an unsecured contract, and it would be in case he did not get it when he would launch to get his hiring.


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