Egan Bernal reigns in her land

In the middle of the party in Zipaquirá for the title in the Tour de France, the Colombian cyclist wanted a tribute to Bjorg Lambrecht.

They say there were 10,000 people, but they could have been millions. The Plaza de los Comuneros (synonymous with rebellion, demands, revolution) determined the limits of the mass pilgrimage to the land of the champion. Egan (in Colombia idols do not need a surname) was honored in Zipaquirá in an act of mutual surrender: a yellow shirt that weighs kilos of work in exchange for the affection of the crowd. 2 An indelible bond, of those that are sealed with the heart .

From 5:00 am the fans made the appointment armed with flags, posters and illusion. 2 An irreducible tide, like Bernal in the Col de l'Iseran. August 7 is a national holiday. The end of a campaign started by Simón Bolívar in Venezuela. Memory of the Battle of Boyacá, the triumph of the patriots that consolidated the independence of New Granada. Rest day since it is commemorated, a holiday to celebrate with the king of the Tour de France. 444444

More than 15 years ago he learned to ride on the streets of his town on a yellow bike that passed from generation to generation by family cousins . This Wednesday the balconies of those streets were filled with flags to receive it. Egan arrived at the event pedaling as in the old days, as on the roads of the world. It was 9:50 am when the square exploded in shouts and applause for his idol. 2 A slow journey, full of hugs to the platform that awaited him with a "WELCOME EGAN BERNAL, THANK YOU!". So, in capital letters. 444444

"This is a day I will never forget," he said while greeting. In front of his people, Bernal paid tribute to Bjorg Lambrecht with a minute of silence ... "We will continue to compete for him," he added, his voice cut. The Tour champion decided to uncheck himself from any political attempt to join his victory for electoral purposes. It is a campaign time for candidates for mayor and government of the country. He avoided any invitation outside the celebration with his people with the same smile with which he confirmed in Val Thorens that the yellow jersey 2019 was for Latin America.


Happiness touches, squeezes the heart and turns into tears. It will always be good to cry with emotion. In Zipaquirá was his family of blood, those who always believed, the friends of the route, the love of his life, the historical beetles, Julian (the child of the image that went around the world) and even those who knew him when the web, radio and TV immortalized him by climbing on the podium at Champs Elysees. 2 Everyone had a place at a party that Egan himself wanted him to go home. "Basic", as its seal in social networks. 444444

Recognized, admired, dear. Famous is little for what Egan Bernal represents. It is immortalized on the walls of Zipaquirá, on posters and on the yellow shirts that these days are part of the wardrobe of Colombians. Five months ago, I was just looking at Paris Nice. 2 "Some people know me, but famous, famous, I am not. Famous a footballer, famous James ...", he said. Today he is at the top, life put him in his place. Piece by piece is the pride of this country.

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