Dovizioso wins Márquez a duel with a tremendous end

They spent up to 15 times in another race for history in Austria, with the final overtaking of Ducati's as the one that Honda's tried two years ago.

How beautiful the race again starred in Dovizioso and Márquez in Austria, with another duel decided in the last corner of the last lap and, once again, for the benefit of the Italian. That of Ducati found a hole practically where there was none, favored by a slight skidding of the Honda and the hitch of the brake protector of his rival on his motorcycle, and he was also able not to lose the position at the exit of the turn, as happened to Marc two years ago at the same point when he tried to go on to 04.

Both went over and reviewed from the first to the last lap, for a total of 15 passes. 222222 He started leading Marc with a great start and with Andrea glued to his wheel, but both sneaked slightly when they reached the braking of curve 3 and the Spaniard partially blocked the Italian. That made them both beat Quartararo, Miller and Rins. The champion then pulled the left leg of his motorcycle apart. It seemed that it was to ask Dovi for forgiveness, but it was because he was about to fall, as he later said, the same as that of the hitch of the protector of his brake lever.


Seeing them slightly lagged was a mirage, because quickly got rid of the three first and on the eighth lap followed the hostilities between the two. 222222 Marc passed Andrea and in the next step by goal the Ducati left behind the hair behind the Honda. The new leader of the race came out somewhat open from the first turn, which took advantage of the champion to get back in front, with immediate reaction from his rival, who standing side by side with him, side by side, turned to the head. 444444

Starting From that ninth lap there were times when it seemed that the Repsol Honda could escape, as he did in Brno, but that of Ducati did not release him and in the nineteenth he returned to the charge. There the pace slowed somewhat, rising to 1:25, as if he wanted to keep a tire. Dovizioso opted for the soft rear and Márquez in the middle, which he then pointed out as an error.


The combat dunk rang three laps from the end, with three overtaking between the two, two more in the penultimate and two more in the last boot. It remained to see Dovizioso's masterpiece, of which he said as soon as he got off the motorcycle that he himself did not think it would work out, but that he had to try it and it worked. He was somewhat helped by the inappropriate skidding of the Honda, but that does not remove even one of all the honors that the Italian deserves, because he signed a car with a finish for the memory. Of course, his blow in the general is minuscule with respect to the leader, because with the five points recovered he is still 58 away from the Alzamora ward.

Behind, Quartararo found no opposition to win his third podium of the season in his year of MotoGP debut, what is said soon, but what needs to be done. It contained after him Rossi, Maverick and Rins, who finished a second of him and seven of his head. The one who could not finish the race was Pol, who stopped his KTM when he was going to pass Nakagami and Crutchlow, who went after him, swallowed it and went to the ground. They also fell Syahrin, Miller and Rabat, who had pains in a wrist and went to the circuit clinic. Let's see if it's not serious and can be in Silverstone in two weeks.


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