Dovi and Márquez say 6-1 in last-round duels

"It's because it always happens in its good circuits and in the bad ones we escape," says Marc. And Dovi: "I would like it the other way around and have your points."

Ni Dovizioso nor Marquez give excessive importance to the score of 6-1 in favor of the Italian in his last-round duels. Ducati says he would like it to be the other way around and have the points that Honda has, although he acknowledges that it is at least a comfort. And Marc, on the other hand, is clear that these hand-to-hand occur just in the circuits that are good for Andrea, because he tries on any side and, when the circuit is good, he escapes. Be that as it may, both starred together again in an extraordinary show at the Austrian GP of MotoGP.

Márquez's explanation is this: “It's because he always passes hand in hand in his good circuits and in the bad ones we escaped. 2 That is the reason for the balance. I consider Brno a hand in hand, but it wasn't until the last lap, but there I had to recover points and he didn't get it. There is hand in hand because I try even if I see that the race is half lost, and this will not change. I don't mind losing a hand to hand because, if I hadn't tried, I wouldn't have gone to sleep tonight. ”

And Dovizioso's point of view: " I wish it was the other way around, that he would have won me more times than I did to him that way, but I had his points. 2 At least I have that comfort. " This he said with a laugh and more seriously indicated that "we would have to change the regulation and give extra points to these duels for those who win them, to get a little more in the championship, which now has a lot of advantage. It is a special flavor to win like that, but in the end it’s only five points apart. I think he didn’t like being second, because he knows very strong in many ways. He’s very smart as you can see in the press conference, saying when It's okay, it's like this, second. He knows how to give it fair importance, but it bothers him because a champion wants to win, but he gives it the importance that he has to give it and that's what makes the difference too. "

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