Doncic in the playoffs? In the US they already see the Mavs as favorites

A Bleacher Report article has predicted in what position each team will be after the calendar is known and the Mavericks are among the top eight in the West.

With the publication of the full calendar of the 2019-20 season, all media begin to place their bets on what can be expected from the new course. Starting with the games that should not be missed: duels among great favorites on paper, returns of those who were once idols, very anticipated debuts ... Entering the field of assumptions there are also several news talking about possible victories and defeats The teams are going to harvest. 444444

Andy Bailey, a journalist for Bleacher Report, has already made his own. In its hypothetical final classification there are some certainties to which almost all the experts point ( Bucks and Sixers domain in the East, fall of the Raptors, support of the two teams of Los Angeles, 1111112 loss of power. .). But there are also some surprises, such as the positions of the Mavericks or the Spurs. These would be the positions of each team:

Eastern Conference

1. Phialdelphia 76ers (55-27)

2. Milwaukee Bucks (53-29)

3. Boston Celtics (50-32)

4. Indiana Pacers (44-38)

5. Miami Heat (43-39)

6. Brooklyn Nets (43-39)

7. Toronto Raptors (42-40)

8. Orlando Magic (42-40)

9. Detroit Pistons (38-44)

10. Chicago Bulls (36-46)

11. Atlanta Hawks (33-49)

12. Washington Wizards (30-52)

13. Charlotte Hornets (22-60)

14. New York Knicks (20-62 )

15. Cleveland Cavaliers (19-63)

The Sixers would win the conference with the Bucks behind . Everyone points out that beans will be played in the East, although not necessarily in this order. The Celtics would withstand the blow of losing Irving and Horford and win two places over a year ago, overtaking Pacers (4th) and Raptors (7th) big victims of the summer dropping five positions after Kawhi Leonard's exit. In between would be the Heat of Butler (5th) and the new Nets (6th) of Irving and Durant, although the latter seems not to play for now. The Magic (8th) playoff positions are closed and the Pistons (9th) fall from them, who would arrive without options to the last days.


Below some teams still do not lift their heads. Cavs (15th) and Knicks (14th) close the East, while the Hornets are up to 13th. The Wizards (12th) would remain in no man's land along with the Hawks (11th), who would improve less than expected, and the Bulls (10th), achieving 14 more wins. 444444 Western Conference

1. Denver Nuggets (53-29)

2 Los Angeles Lakers (53-29)

3. Los Angeles Clippers (52-30)

4. Houston Rockets (52-30)

5. Utah Jazz (51-31)

6. Golden State Warriors (51-31 )

7. Portland Trail Blazers (45-37)

8. Dallas Mavericks (44-38)

9. San Antonio Spurs (43-39)

10. Sacramento Kings (40-42)

11. Oklahoma City Thunder ( 40-42)

12. Minnesota Timberwolves (40-42)

13. New Orleans Pelicans (39-43)

14. Phoenix Suns (29-53)

15. Memphis Grizzlies (28-54)

Strong emotions until el last game that the West would hold, which also had the biggest surprise reserved. For starters, Bailey does not bookmark the Clippers (3rd) . They would be left to a single victory of the conference leadership, but it is that it places six teams in only two wins. A real madness and enjoyment for fans. For the journalist the Nuggets (1st) are the big beneficiaries of the fall of the Warriors (6th). Continue to rely on the regularity of those in Denver and without the Californians dominating with an iron hand they would do good second place last year finishing leaders. Of course, tied with the new Lakers (2nd) , with a victory of advantage over Clippers and Rockets (4th), and two over Jazz (5th) and Warriors. If things go like this, everything can happen. 444444

The last two playoff positions would be shared by the Blazers (7th) who would hit a significant downturn (eight wins less) and what is probably the big surprise of this prediction: the Dallas Mavericks (8th). Luka Doncic would play his first qualifying rounds for the title in his second year unseating the Spurs (9th) who for a single victory would break the streak of 22 consecutive years in the postseason. Below would be Kings (10th), Thunder (11th) and Wolves (12th), all with the same record already negative, followed by the Pelicans (13th). In this case does not get carried away by the Zion phenomenon and although it gives them six more victories thane a year ago he still sees them short of troops to fight for the top eight. West closes Ricky Suns (14th) who leave the red lantern winning ten games more than a year ago, and the Grizzlies (15th) .

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