David Gallego: "It's a final and a special day for this group"

The coach tries to take iron away from the match against Zorya by saying that "this club has played other important games." He hopes to win the match.

Important match. "We know that it is an important day. In the last 12 years Espanyol has had very important moments, and tomorrow will be, but surely there will be more. The importance is to defend this shield and train a team like Espanyol. We are prepared to train tomorrow ".

Front the match. "We only think about being better and winning the game. There is no other option. Each game we propose to counteract its virtues. Espanyol will compete one hundred percent, I can guarantee that."

Qualifying. 222222 "It's a final. games that decide something are final. It is a special day for this group, which is growing in sports and emotional. Everyone should add and put their energy level ".

Pedrosa." He is recovering. "We live it naturally. We have in the squad players with a brutal experience and have had level matches, you have to focus on what happens in the green. You have to see the different games, interpret them. I focus on the game."

Message. 2 "When I joined them I will tell them what they feel, naturally. We want there to be good feelings, that the players go to rest with that" .

3333 333The stadium. 2 "The field will be full." They are vertical and offensive, but we will also have our moments ".

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