Counterpart of Mercedes to Ferrari and Renault in Belgium

While the Italians and French have confirmed they will have more power at Spa Francorchamps, the Germans claim to have focused on improving reliability.

"If you are looking for different results do not always do the same" . This phrase by Albert Einstein could be used to specify the strategy that Mercedes has executed during this summer break in the Formula 1 World Cup 2019.

Because while Renault first, and Ferrari later, have confirmed that they are in their factories of Viry-Châtillon and Maranello getting a new version of their power unit, 15 and 20 horses more powerful respectively, which will make their debut in the province of Liège, the pentacampeons have confirmed that they have decided to focus all your resources in improving the reliability of your 'Spec 2'.

"The summer break has been welcome, after a few busy weeks in July and early August. However, the holidays are over and now we are looking forward to competing again. Many Brackley workers were able to rest but others had to continue working on the reliability of our power unit in Brixworth, so they have had a very busy holiday too, but they have done a great job when we have been away, "says Toto Wolff.


Likewise, Wolff has stated, in an official statement issued by the silver arrows, wishing that the second half of the season begins, as well as emphasizes the complexity of achieving an adequate set-up at Spa Francorchamps: "At the moment we are leaders in both championships, but not It seems that in recent years, we have seen the teams perform very well after the summer break, so we must continue to press The second half of the season is rather the beginning of a completely new season for us, in which we will have no margin for error and in which we will have to raise the bar even more. We are looking forward to this second half of the season, we will have historical races at Spa and Monza, followed by the night race in Singapore. Spa is one of the most emblematic circuits of the calendar, in which it is very difficult to find the appropriate set-up, since it has many long lines, a second sector with many curves and many ups and downs. Time can also become unpredictable, so the sessions will be very interesting. We are looking forward to the weekend. "

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