Casting for the goal in Cornellà, from Wu Lei to debutante Vargas

The 0-3 of the first leg against the Luzern will allow Gallego to face rotations, in which Calero will not enter, not registered for this round, nor Pedrosa, reserved for his inconvenience.

Carismatic and effective in equal parts, to the laziness (and not so laziness) of the Espanyol , the dispute will come tonight of the return of the Q3 of the Europa League, in Cornellà-El Prat, to forget for a good while where relocate the panda stuffed animals and focus on the competition to which Borja Iglesias, with his 17 goals last League, helped them return after 12 years of drought (21: 00, Mov. LC / E3) .

The 0-3 the first leg against Luzern invites you to enjoy, that David Gallego allows some rotation just three days after the LaLiga debut against Sevilla, which would give rise, for example, to give entry to players who have not enjoyed too many minutes In this busy summer, like Barn or one of the signings, Iturraspe. But it also calls the match to be played on one of the most idle holidays of the year, to open a casting to cover, beyond the signing that will come, the scorer hole (and not only that) left by the 'Panda'.

the hand shamelessly is Facundo Ferreyra, author of four targets in the previous three games. Who will not want is Wu Lei, substitute until now for the change from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 and forced to claim time trial, between Borja and the arrival of his relay.


now Matías Vargas, who after his goal in Switzerland, 22 minutes after officially debuting, today will premiere in Cornellà-El Prat in a clash with several absences by technical decision among the regular headlines, such as Javi López, Marc Roca or Óscar Melendo .

And those who will see casting from the stands will be Fernando Calero, not registered for this round, nor Adri Pedrosa, who misses it due to discomfort in the quadriceps, similar ailment to which he suffers Marvin Schulz, falls after completing 90 minutes in the first leg in the ranks of a Luzern that is not too much joy after adding his second derro in the Swiss Super League consecutive number (three, counting that of Espanyol) and to go down to seventh place with only ten teams competing in the competition.


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