Bjorg Lambrecht, the last of a long and tragic list

Whether in the race or in accidents during training, cycling has experienced numerous tragedies to which the name of the Belgian who died on Monday has joined.

This August 5, after a fall in the third stage of the Tour of Poland, Bjorg Lambrecht lost his life after being transferred to a hospital. The 22-year-old Belgian is the last runner to lose his life, whether in competition or in training, to join a tragic and extensive list of professional cyclists who have died practicing their sport. 444444

- 5 August 2019. At one stage rainy and dangerous, Bjorg Lambrecht collided with a sewer suffering a hard fall. The doctors managed to resuscitate him, but he died after being transferred to the hospital. 444444

-25 April 2019. Robert de Greef suffered a heart attack during the Omloop van de Braakman race. He was in an induced coma and finally died. 444444

-8 April 2018. Michael Golaerts, in Paris Roubaix, suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest during the third sector of pavés. He was 23 years old. He was revived at first, but died that same day. 444444

-22 April 2017.- The Italian cyclist Michele Scarponi dies at 37 in a traffic accident during a training in the streets of the Ancona area (Marche, downtown from Italy) .

-21 March 2017.- The Egyptian cyclist Islam Nasser, 22, dies of a heart attack during a race at the African Track Championship in Durban, South Africa. 444444

-25 September 2016.- The cyclist Serbian Dejan Maric dies due to injuries sustained in a multiple fall during a test dispute in southeastern China.

- September 17, 2016.- Iranian cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad dies after suffering a fall during the cycling test in Road of category C4-C5 of the Paralympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016

- May 28, 2016.- The Spanish David Cañada, exciclista p Professional, dies at the age of 41 due to an accident when the TowCar Puertos Ribagorza Bicycle Tour was held in Huesca.


- March 29, 2016.- Daan Myngheer, a 22-year-old Belgian and a member of the Roubaix Métropole Lille, dies at the hospital in Ajaccio (France) because of a heart attack that had suffered on the 26th during his participation in the first stage of the International Criterium around Porto Vecchio, in Corsica.


28 March 2016.- Antonine Demoitié, 25, Belgian of the team Wanty-Gobert, dies hours after being hit by a motorcycle when he played the Belgian classic Ghent-Wevelgem. In the fall, in the vicinity of Sainte-Marie-Cappel, several runners were involved

-30 August 2014.- Igor Decraene, 2013 junior world champion and great promise of Belgian cycling, dies when he was hit by a train when he returned Home by bike. Initially, it was considered that it was a suicide, but then it was ruled out. of the train. 444444

- May 31, 2013.- Marcelo Graces, Uruguayan corridor of the Phoenix club, dies as a result of the injuries suffered after being hit by a motorcycle during the last stage of the Tour of Uruguay. Apparently, the bicycle could suffer the breakage of the handlebars that made it impossible to control the machine and eventually deviated from its layout. 444444

- January 3, 2013.- Burry Stander, South African Olympic representative on a mountain bike, dies after being hit by a public transport minibus when he returned on his bicycle to train the southern South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.

-18 December 2012.- Iñaki Lejarreta, Olympic mountain bike in Beijing 2008 and nephew of the Marino Lejarreta ex-runner, dies as as a result of the blow suffered in the fall after being hit by a car when training on the N-634 road, at the height of the Biscay municipality of Irurreta. The driver of the car tested positive for drugs in the preliminary check. 444444

- September 19, 2012: Victor Cabedo, of the Euskastel-Euskadi team, dies in a traffic accident while training on the CV200 road, between the towns of Almedijar and Aín . The racer collided with a vehicle and fell down a ravine. 444444

- July 6, 2011: Australian Carly Hibberd, of the Italian team Cassina Rizzardi A Style, dies when hit by a car while training on a road in the region of Como, in Italy.


- May 23, 2011: Spanish Xavier Tondo (Movistar) dies when he is trapped by the neck between the door of his car and the automatic gate of an ediApartment in Pradollano (Sierra Nevada, Granada), when he was going to train.


- May 9, 2011: Belgian Wouter Weylandt (Leopard) dies after hitting a wall and hitting his head against the asphalt, in a fall when The Passo del Bocco descended in the third stage of the Giro d'Italia.


- April 22, 2010: Dominican Leonardo Grullón García, 25, a national champion, dies after being hit by a large tonnage truck while practicing in the northern province La Vega.


- June 26, 2009: Belarusian Zinaida Stahurskaia, world champion on the road in 2000 and winner of the Tour de France in 2002, dies hit by a car while training on the road between Vitebsk and Gomel. 444444

- July 15, 2008: Russian Denis Kudáshev (former Relax Gam Fuenlabrada), hit by a car while training in the streets of the streets of the Russian city of Penza.


- 11 May 2008: the Portuguese Bruno Neves (LA Aluminios) as a result of a fall when he played the classic Portuguese Amarante.

- 16 January 2008: Jason Macintyre, three-time British champion against the clock and Thirteen times from Scotland, after colliding with a van while training in Fort William (Scotland) .

- January 5, 2007: Australian Daniel Bennett after suffering a heart attack during a training in Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) .

- 26 November 2006: the Spanish Isaac Gálvez after a fall in the Six Days of Ghent (Belgium), in which he participated with Joan Llaneras.

- 9 October 2005: the Colombian Ubaldo Mesa, of the Tecos de la Universidad team Autonomous of Guadalajara of Mexico, after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest before the last stage of the X Classic Banfoandes, in Venezuela.

- July 18, 2005: Australian Amy Gillett during training prior to the German test of the Tour of Thuringia, in which five other Australians were injured.

- June 15, 2005: Italian Alessio Galleti (Naturino -Sapore di Mare) when running out of air when he climbed the top of La Manzaneda, less than 15 kilometers to conclude the Ascent to Naranco (Asturias). He suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest that caused the sudden death. 444444

- June 11, 2004: the Colombian Juan Barrero (Mayor's Office of Fusaguasugá) due to a traumatic brain injury, after being involved in a multiple fall at the exit of the fifth stage of the Vuelta to Colombia in the descent of Santa Rosa de Cabal, in Risaralda. 444444

- July 20, 2003: the Estonian Lauris Aus died overwhelmed by a vehicle, whose driver was drunk, while doing a training session on a road in the region of Tartu. 444444

- March 12, 2003: Kazakh Andrei Kivilev died the day after being involved in a fall with other cyclists in the absence of 40 kilometers to finish the stage between La Clayette and Saint-Etienne de la Paris-Nice. 444444

- January 10, 2003: Italian Denis Zanette, of Fassa Bartolo, dies as a result of a heart attack during before a visit to the dentist, in Salice (Italy), shortly after having trained normally in the morning. The autopsy revealed that the runner suffered a probably inherited cardiac pathology, which was aggravated by an infection in the bronchi. 444444

- 15 February 2001: the Spaniard Ricardo Otxoa died when he was run over by a vehicle while training with his brother Javier, who He was very seriously injured, on the highway of Cártama (Málaga) .

- September 17, 2000: American Nicole Reinhart died in an accident at the end of a test in Arlington (Washington DC) .

-28 February 2000: the Spaniard Saúl Morales Corral died after being hit by a truck in the middle of a race in San Juan (Argentina), when he participated in the Tour of Argentina.

- June 19, 1999: the Spaniard Manuel Sanroma died as a result of a spectacular fall to one kilometer from the arrival of Vilanova i la Geltrú, corresponding to the Volta in Catalonia, hitting in the c Abeza against a curb. 444444

- October 20, 1996: the Spaniard José Antonio Espinosa Hernández collided with a member of the organization of the Criterium de Fuenlabrada (Madrid) and died a day later. 444444

- July 18, 1995: the Italian Casartelli, Olympic route champion in Barcelona 92, died after a spectacular fall in the descent of the port of Portet-d'Aspet, in the Pyrenees, during the fifteenth stage of the Tour de France.444444

- February 11, 1994: the young Spanish promise Antonio Martín Velasco died while training when hitting the head with the rearview mirror of a truck, while driving on the side of a road near Madrid. 444444

- May 29, 1992: The Spaniard Guillermo Blasco, national champion after motorcycle, died when his bicycle handlebar was stuck in his lungs, which broke during a training in Tortosa (Tarragona) .

- August 16, 1992: Belgian Wim Lambrechts, amateur national champion Cyclo-cross 1986, died of a heart attack after abandoning a mountain bike test, in Overjise.


- May 20, 1991: British Adrian Hawkins, component of the Olympic team, dies a few minutes after suffering a heart attack after Dispute a test of 10 kilometers. Shortly before the race he visited a doctor for a possible cardiovascular ailment. 444444

- August 17, 1988: Dutchwoman Connie Meijer died a victim of an illness during a cycling test in her country. 444444

- February 27, 1987 : Belgian Michael Goffin died in Marseille six days after suffering a fall during the Tour de Haut Var.


- February 17, 1987: the Spanish Vicente Mata Ventura died two days after being hit by a car during the Trophy Luis Puig, in Callosa de Ensarriá (Alicante) .

- May 27, 1986: Italian Emilio Ravasio died in Palermo two weeks after a fall in a descent in the first stage of the Giro d'Italia 10 kilometers from the finish line, between Palermo and Sciacca Terme. The corridor ended the stage and was transferred to the hospital after feeling bad at the hotel. 444444

- May 10, 1984: Joaquim Agostinho, the best Portuguese cyclist of all time, died ten days after suffering a fall after overwhelming a dog at the finish line in the Tour of the Algarve. 444444

- May 21, 1976: the Spaniard Juan Manuel Santisteban suffered a fatal fall in the first stage of the Giro d'Italia. He died of a head injury.


- February 14, 1972: Granada Manuel Galera, after suffering a fall in the ascent to the top of the Mojón, in Cabra (Córdoba), during a stage of the Tour of Andalusia. 444444

- 15 March 1971: Belgian Jean Pierre Monsere, World Road Champion 1970, died after hitting a vehicle in the opposite direction during the Retie GP (Belgium)

- August 28, 1969: French Jose Samyn after of hitting a vendor three days before during a test in the Belgian town of Zingem.


- July 30, 1967: the Spanish Valentín Uriona died hours after falling and hitting his head, after the development change device failed and get the chain, during the time trial of the Championship of Spain, in Sabadell.


- July 13, 1967: English Tom Simps on, World champion on the road, for a heart attack in full rise to the mythical Mont Ventoux, in the thirteenth stage of the Tour de France, as a result of the intake of amphetamines and alcohol. 444444

- June 25, 1961: the young woman Spanish promise Nicolas Landa "Potxorrio" , as a result of the injuries suffered in a race in Basauri (Vizcaya) .

- April 19, 1961: the Spanish Joaquín Barceló died when a tree fell on him shortly after witnessing the test in Sollube of the Eibarresa Bicycle (now Basque Bicycle) and while preparing the Vuelta a España.


- August 4, 1958: the Spaniards Raúl Motos and Joaquín Polo died from dehydration and heat stroke in the Vuelta a Portugal.


- October 1, 1956 : Belgian Joseph-Constant "Stan" Ockers, world road champion, died during a test in Anvers (France) .

- August 9 d e 1955: the Spaniard Francisco Alomar died after crashing into a car while training in Orense, one day after leaving in the Vuelta a Galicia.

- May 20, 1952: the Italian Orfeo Ponsin dies in the descent of Merluzza, in the Fourth stage (Siena-Rome), and becomes the first cycling victim in the Giro d'Italia.

- June 29, 1951: Italian Sergio Coppi, brother of the champion Fausto Coppi, died the day after suffering a fall near of Turin during a stage of the Giro del Piedmont. 444444

- September 20, 1951: the Spaniard Emilio Martí dies from a fall in Pla de Santirs, near the Seo de Urgel, in the Volta a Catalunya. 444444

- June 26, 1950: French Camille Danuillaume died in Montlhery after being rammed by a motorcycle during the French Championship en route.

- March 20, 1937: French Andre Raynaud, world champion of half-fund, died as a result of a fall in a test at Anvers ( France) .

- May 28, 1936: the Spaniard Rafael Pou Sastre also died at the El Tirador velodrome while training after motorcycle.


- July 15, 1935: the Spaniard Francisco Cepeda lost his life as a result of a fall the descent of the Galibier, suffered four days before, when the seventh stage of the Tour de France was played with an end in Boorg dxOissans, a town on the slopes of the Alpe d'Huez.


- November 19, 1934: the Spanish José Nicolau Balaguer He died at the Balearic velodrome of El Tirador during the dispute of a test. 444444

- July 14, 1910: French lphe Heliere died of an electrocuted cardiac arrest while bathing in a square in Nice on the rest day of the Tour.


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