Binotto leaves no doubt: "Vettel will be with us in 2020"

In addition, the head of the Ferrari team closes the door of the 'Scuderia' to Fernando Alonso: "We have a couple of high-level drivers already."

The 2019 season is not being easy at Ferrari. The Scudería has been greatly surpassed by Mercedes during the first part of the season and also Red Bull is getting closer and closer. In fact, for a Formula 1 legend like Hakkinen, the 'Cavallino Rampante' is already behind the energy team. But that's not all, the Italian team has not yet won a single race in what we have been in the year despite having it in hand up to three times (Bahrain, Canada and Austria) .

no reason why he should change his lineup of drivers for the next season. Go back to the 'Grand Circus' with Ferrari. "We have a couple of high-level drivers already and I see no reason why we have to change anything. Both have a contract and there is no doubt that Vettel will be with us in 2020," says the Italian. 444444

On the other hand, The head of the Ferrari team also takes stock of the season their two drivers are doing. On Vettel, he says that "in the race he has always been very competitive" . "He is clear that it is important for him to capitalize on his career pace. So when you make some mistakes like Silverstone, it is not ideal. But beyond Of that, I am happy, he is an expert and he knows how to manage the tires. 2 I think he is his true strength and he is doing very well in that regard, "says the Italian. 444444

year with Ferrari "and that" there is a lot of pressure. " "We are all very happy with the way it is being integrated with the team and its progress," he says. This is not the first time Binotto supports Monegasque. Before Hungaroring's career, he already defended him by stating that he was the first driver of the future.

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